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Revisiting memories

Yesterday we were doing some shopping and stopped by a Hardee's restaurant. While my husband waited for our order I went and got a booth. The dining area was out of site of the counter. I picked the same booth I had about 40 years earlier.
Lately my husband and I have been talking about some of the crazy things we used to do and this place was one of them. This booth was the second away from the restrooms. 40 something years ago we had sat in this booth on a date night. I was facing the restroom entrance. My husband had gone to the restroom to wash his hands before we ate. While he was washing his hands I unsnapped my western shirt to the waist and pulled it open exposing my bra cups. When my husband came out of the restroom the look on his face was priceless.
As we ate another guy went to the restroom. I started to pull my shirt closed but decided to leave it open. The guy got a good view as he came out. Three guys saw me before we finished eating. As we started to get up my husband asked me if I would leave it open the rest of the evening.
I agreed and we headed to the car then to a movie. I left my shirt open the rest of the evening. Got a lot of looks.
Back to the present he brought our food and I went to the restroom. I had a jacket on over a tee shirt. I removed my tee shirt and wasn't wearing a bra. I put my jacket back on leaving it unzipped. Needless to say my husband enjoyed my bare breasts while we ate and another guy saw me as he left the restroom giving me a thumbs up.
tornado61 · 61-69, M
a lovely afternoon you had by the sounds of it
1490wayb · 56-60, M
this only happens in my fantasies😥...will have this story in mind shortly when my pants cum off and i begin to stroke😘
Outdoorfreedom · 56-60, M
Great stories
samueltyler2 · 80-89, M
nice to see you posting. I loved seeing your images. Thanks for allowing your husband to share them with me.
Highskirt · 56-60, M
Lucky him .and all those who also saw
bartender · 36-40, M
How lovely

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