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I cannot decide who I am 馃馃尶馃馃尶馃

One day I鈥檓 like Suzy homemaker godly girl who just wants to have babies and a sweet home. Wants to wear turtlenecks and go to Starbucks.
Example ; godly girl

Next minute I鈥檓 wild passionate bohemian girl who wants a few little tattoos, dress like Frida Kahlo and wants to be a painter/poet.
Example ; Frida

Other days I鈥檓 the mad girl, manic and really mystical and so on. The vamp.

I can never decide which person I want to be?
Lhayezee22-25, F Best Comment
I know EXACTLY what you mean.

As others have already commented though, having these different sides to us and trying to navigate them is I guess what makes us human. We don't have to put ourselves in boxes.

If being a manic passionate Bible-perusing latte-sipping Frida Kahlo is who you are then I think that's just beautiful :)
Oh you really made me feel better @Lhayezee
Lhayezee22-25, F
@sirenofthesea Aww thank you for BC too <3

DearAmbellina211341-45, F
You are an amalgam of them all. Dress each day according to how you feel. 馃槍
KyleRenn31-35, M
Human beings are multifaceted though. We're silly mammals. We have a lot of seemingly contradictory sides, a lot of the time. I think it's kind of beautiful.
Be as you are. So what if you have mixed personalities, that鈥檚 who you are. Do not lose your identity.
Sequoia5170-79, M
Be Like WHOEVER You WANT to Be .... Whenever .... BUT.... Be Yourself Always
Mindful51-55, F
Lucky you can be all of them if you like
Ooo...they're all interesting...
onewithshoes22-25, F
I vote for the vamp.馃槈
The vamp is actually my favourite too @onewithshoes
Be all three 馃憤馃榾
So? Don't be one-dimensional.
This is a good point @SomeMichGuy
@sirenofthesea Thanks!

You are telling us that you have a rich, varied personality. That makes you *interesting*. CPAs might find that
unsettling, but most people would find that great.

As long as it's not MPD, I think it's refreshing to have a range of interests, etc.; it seems that is part of this pull you feel in different directions. Embrace it, run with it, but don't feel bound, tomorrow, by whatever you think today.

You might be trying to figure out the "balance"...if so, a) no surprise and b) welcome to life! lol

Bottom line: don't sweat it. You are who you are, and we all have to figure out balance...some more than others.
Be them all.
But they contradict each other @SW-User
@sirenofthesea yeah, true. I guess maybe try them out in turn and spend time feeling what they are like, and decide which suits you best. Perhaps you will discover your true self along the way.
Barny5256-60, M
It鈥檚 them pesky hormones

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