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Who would you side with?

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I am on the wife's side
I am on the wife's best friend's side
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A woman is married with kids. This woman has a best friend that is divorced and has kids herself as well.

The wife has been a patient at a psychiatric institution for the last 7 months.

One day, both the husband and her best friend pay her a visit and show up as visitors. During the visit, both the husband and the wife's best friend explain to the wife that they will hope to make sure that she will be released soon and that everything will be alright. The wife goes back to her room at the psychiatric institution.

Later that evening back at the home of the husband and wife:

While the kids are asleep, we hear intense and deep erotic moaning sounds come from the bedroom. We discover that the husband and wife's best friend are lovers. The wife's best friend just finished climaxing after she rode the husband's penis in the cowgirl position and rolls off of the husband and lays naked next to him.

Both the husband and wife's best friend start giggling, kiss, and they talk. It turns out that both the husband and wife's best friend are working in cahoots together.

It appears that after the wife's best friend had filed for a divorce from her marriage, she began having an affair with her best friend's husband.

Both the husband and wife's best friend masterminded the plot to absolutely gaslight the living shit out of the wife, so that she goes crazy and gets institutionalized. Part One- Check.

Both the husband and wife's best friend has absolutely no intention of helping the wife out of getting out of the mental institution.

They intend on getting married, the wife's best friend decided that she wants to legally adopt all of her former best friend's kids, and change their middle names to members of her family and remove the best friend's lineage from her children's history.

The wife's best friend after her divorce and after the wife got institutionalized, took over the role as the wife and mother.

Whose side are you on for this short story?

[b][i]The wife[/i][/b]

[b][i]The wife's best friend[/i][/b]

[b][i]The husband and wife's best friend naked in bed together at night just a few hours after visiting the wife[/i][/b]

PROMISE · 31-35, FNew
Convivial · 26-30, F
Rather convoluted...
AngryOhioStateAlumnus · 31-35, M
@Convivial How?

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