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I Think Kids Say the Cutest Things

Parent to Kid: Hang up your coat

Kid to Parent: Who was your slave before I was born?

(source: Marshall Rosenberg)
4meAndyou · F
My mother used to say that all the time...but she would say to my father, "Who was your slave LAST week?"
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ImpeccablyImperfect · 51-55, F
I don’t find that ‘cute’ though.....I find it disrespectful and rude.

A kid who feels that picking up their own damn coat (or whatever else they’ve left laying around) is somehow ‘beneath’ them is a spoiled, entitled brat.
@ImpeccablyImperfect Hahahah.

If u looked up the "source" I mentioned u would understand.
This joke came from an exercise in VIOLENT and NONVIOLENT communication.


and in that you tube workshop the audience cracked up and so did I.
ImpeccablyImperfect · 51-55, F
Ahh, I see. @Stilltryinghard

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