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I Think Kids Say the Cutest Things

An annoying workmate boasted that her son had told her she was a unicorn. "A rare and mystical creature."

I asked my seven year old daughter if she could 'beat it.'

She replied, "yes, mum. You vomit glitter and fart confetti."
Serenitree · F
No kid has ever said anything that sweet to me. The closest thing to sweetness was when my granddaughter asked her daughter if she wanted to go out for sushi. She said she was too tired, and her mom said the sushi place is near nana's place so we can go visit her after dinner. She, the delightful child said, Can we skip sushi, and just visit Nana? I'm never too tired to see my Nana!
@Serenitree awww she loves her nana!
Serenitree · F
@SW-User And its mutual.
You have to admit.... nothing can beat what she said tho.....

Lmbo!! She has the cutest imagination and it doesn't matter if it involves you.... lol

@Soossie 😁
JustNik · 51-55, F
No unicorn can do that! LOLOLOL
Serenitree · F
@JustNik best answer.
@Serenitree lol agreed - unfortunately I can't find the tab ☺
Serenitree · F
@SW-User Ah, then this is a story, not a question. I have left a suggestion that there should be a best response button for stories. Maybe if enough people make the suggestion, we will eventually get it.
Vetrov · 61-69, M
Out of the mouths of babes...oft come “gems”.

And “germs”...
My son told me that he and I are dinosaurs but his Dad is and elepant.
@SW-User 😂

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