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How often do you sweep and mop your house/kitchen?

Also how often do you clean your bathroom?
(Scrub down Wallace toilet, floors, sink and mirror?)

Seriously every day is the same thing with this lady.

I am not enjoying myself at all.

She’s just trying to be helpful but she’s going to turn around and say she did this and that and this and that and I’m lazy or etc 🤦🏻‍♀️
Keepitsimple · 51-55, F
I vacuum everyday. Floors get mopped once a week and bathrooms every couple of days.
Stand in front of her and repeat after me....

"You have so much energy... you should take a position at one of the schools and make extra spending money. If they do not have openings, they need volunteers at __________ ."
CheshireCatalyst · 36-40, M
I rarely mop, because I rarely eat off the floor. I vacuum when I notice dirt, and I clean the bathroom on a daily basis but only on a surface level.
KaysHealingPath · 31-35, F
[@337880,ChasingBrainBros] she’s deep scouring the bathroom daily. And I do mean deep scouring....
Jesus you’d swear it’s a public bathroom.
Only 3 adults use it my kids have their own bathroom
CheshireCatalyst · 36-40, M
[@7704,KaysHealingPath] I really struggle with older adults who look for purpose by making everyone else around them feel inadequate
Carver · 26-30, F
Once every other month...

Sigh, how much longer will she be there?
Carver · 26-30, F
[@7704,KaysHealingPath] Sigh... Well, if she tries to start any shit, just tell her the same thing you told all of us. I’d love to see her argue against that.
KaysHealingPath · 31-35, F
[@27917,Carver] she just asked me “what else can I help you with”

I replied “there’s really nothing else to do, I’ve run out of clothes to wash, you’re going to sweep a hole into the ground if you don’t learn to relax a little”

She giggled. She said “my daughters houses get so dirty I just want to prevent that”

I said “my house doesn’t have that high of a traffic to get that messy, I only have 2 kids (& Mia) and the kids are gone all day, and my husband is as well, it’s just me, I clean up after myself”

She giggled and walked away 🤦🏻‍♀️
Carver · 26-30, F
[@7704,KaysHealingPath] Sounds creepy... 😟
Who is this now?
KaysHealingPath · 31-35, F
See my reply to Carver [@695370,Straylight]
[@7704,KaysHealingPath] 😬 Oh dear. Just start messing things up for her to clean and say it's so she doesn't get bored.
KaysHealingPath · 31-35, F
[@695370,Straylight] But I just want to be able to be a bit of a bum and relax in my own house for a bit
I mean the house is clean it practically sparkles, let me
Take a nap, or watch a movie, or eat junk food.
Let me cook alone so I’m not tripping over you 😭😭😭
Sweep twice daily, mop once or twice a week.

Bathroom is daily but full on clean maybe once a fortnight.

Who do you have staying?
KaysHealingPath · 31-35, F
[@406205,Babylon] my mother in law 🤦🏻‍♀️

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