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Do you think families should be able to raise kids on a single income?

It's possible but it depends on different factors. I think the cost of raising a child has gone up with the rise in expectations of what a child needs. People have their kids involved in a lot of activities. It all costs a lot of money. If you have multiple kids you're gonna need a higher income to provide the same quality of life. Kids can have a childhood without those things but I think most parents want to be able to provide their kids with everything so you end up with a lot of two income households to make it all possible.
@midnightrose well said.
Used to be able to :
Raise 3x kids
Pay off car/house
Have decent birthdays/Xmas
And take a holiday once a year on one wage.

We’ve been sold out constantly with fear porn and manufactured humanitarian-crisis/wars
Barny52 · 56-60, M
Yep but sadly not anymore, don’t know if that’s because prices have gone up or we expect more, when you could kids only got one toy at Christmas and that could be secondhand, no phones, big tv , designer clothes
Ontheroad · M
Should be able? Yes, I think they should and depending upon the size of the family and the working partner's wage/salary, they can.

However, it is not easy. Median income from 1960 to today shows a 1100% increase, but housing median prices for the same period show a 3420% increase. So yeah, the cost of living has far outpaced wage/salary increases, so it would be hard.
Viper · M
Ideally people should be able to raise kids no matter the income...

That being said, ideally doesn't really happen in the real world...
Torsten · 36-40, M
I wish. I have 2 jobs and another form of income, and it can be rough at times to just support one kid
I am a no body to meddle in elses' affair.
Let them handle their needs n ways, being capable enough.
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The days of the stay at home parent are long gone if you aren't able to earn a high income.
sure , why not ?
and I'm not talking about big earners.
I know plenty of cases like that
It depends on the size of the family and what their needs are.
Ramrod · 46-50, M
In most cases,those days are long gone,there are some who can do it.
Are you asking if the government should grant this as a right?
It's doable if you can learn to go without
btchstfu · F
in this economy? i dont think so
DDonde · 31-35, M
Ideally yes, and that's how it used to be here before I was born
I think things like housing, food, utilities, clothing, transportation, etc. should be less expensive, absolutely. And the cost of living in general should be more reasonable. But in many places they [b]aren’t [/b]. So considering that it’s [b]not[/b] 1960, Unless that one income is being earned by a CEO or a highly skilled techie, it’s probably not going to suffice to support a family most places.
No matter [b]what[/b] we think [b]should[/b] be.
@bijouxbroussard Sadly, that's a small sum compared to some, but I know your illustration.
@thewindupbirdchronicles In my state, it’s the [b]low[/b] end of a salary that could support a family here. Having just one person working one job to support a family is pretty much a 1950s fantasy unless that one salary is [b]substantial[/b].
@bijouxbroussard I make somewhat low middle income, possibly on the high end of labouring, in a city, beautiful, pretty, very attractive, but mostly composed of blue collar work, like myself, I would never want to afford a house myself here, even without children, or anyone to tend to other than myself. It's bizarre.

Coincidentally, the neighbouring city is a tech hub, lower real estate value.
They should be, yes.
travelguy01 · 41-45, M
If they wanted to, yes
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