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Is it normal/healthy for your partner to want sex frequently? My new boyfriend has this on his mind a lot well he wants sex often and I don't like it

Too often馃 my new boyfriend has this problem.
SlaveEt31-35, F
You could always add another woman so she can share the load馃き
CopperFox42036-40, F
I don鈥檛 care for the use of the word normal, it鈥檚 different for everyone.

I would love to have sex every day, multiple times. I鈥檝e never met anyone else that did though.
HatterM46-50, M
If that's all he's in it for he'll probably bored pretty soon and you'll be rid of him, I'm guessing.
Would you rather him get it somewhere else ?
What do you consider 鈥渙ften鈥?
I鈥檇 think that鈥檚 normal.
You鈥檇 have to agree on what you both prefer.
@Witchthatwantsfun just once?
Witchthatwantsfun31-35, F
@Newfound1 yes馃ぃ and still a bit too much for me馃槴
black4white56-60, M
Give it up and stop rationing it out鈥

If you don鈥檛 like sex then tell him that and then don鈥檛 be surprised if he finds it elsewhere.

You personally don鈥檛 have to like sex or enjoy it that is totally your business but please be open and honest with him about this and then see where things stand
Yes, it is common.
Why do you not like it? Does it feel like he's using you or something?
@Witchthatwantsfun from my experience there needs to be a balance. I've lost girlfriends in the last because I didn't want to have sex often enough. It made them feel like I wasn't interested in them. I'm not a very sexual person.

Have you spoken to him about this issue? Communication is key to happy relationships
Witchthatwantsfun31-35, F
@DukeDelSol yes I told him about it and he said he won't ask for it if I don't want to. I can have sex 3 times a month but he wants it every day. It's tricky because if I don't do it often he will find someone else I believe馃槄馃槄馃槄馃槄
@Witchthatwantsfun yeah I get that but is it worth it to things you don't really want to do? Personally I don't think so. Plus those kind of relationships don't last.
JohnOlinger41-45, M
Sounds like a male verison of a Nympho
Witchthatwantsfun31-35, F
@JohnOlinger yes馃槆馃槆
JohnOlinger41-45, M
@Witchthatwantsfun Nice Thats Hot
JohnOlinger41-45, M
@Witchthatwantsfun Do you like Doggy & Anal
having a matching libido is very important for a relationship or neither of you wil be happy
Justferfuun141-45, M
I am the opposite but that's not better. You need to find the right balance for you.
ronisme161-69, M
When I was young more than once a day, so I would say normal
TheStarsareout56-60, M
At your age I was wanting sex 3 times a day off my girlfriends
therighttothink5056-60, M
Not something to build a relationship upon.
Could be an addiction or just way too horny.
RosaMarie41-45, F
So you don't really want fun?
Witchthatwantsfun31-35, F
@RosaMarie yes but not too often馃槀馃槄
What鈥檚 often
Witchthatwantsfun31-35, F
@Witchthatwantsfun that鈥檚 ok
I think the key issue here is why dont you like it .
Now im not saying that his expectations are normal or fair, or unfair . What im saying is, why doesnt he make sex so enjoyable that you [b]do [/b] want it just as much ?

I think its tje quality of the sex that is the issue

Now men can have a 'quicky' and still orgasm.
Not always the fact for women .
Some people need more foreplay than others.

I think you guys might need some good old heart to heart communication.
chris62ca56-60, M
Uh. He is a guy.
DDonde31-35, M
People got different libidos

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