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Middle child’s disability is an exaggerated mindset

I am the middle child of my family. I rarely get attention therefore I don’t even have the will to fight for my parents attention. I actually have a partial deafness on my left ear which my parents failed to inform me. It actually explains a lot of misfortunes in my life. Like how I was humiliated in front of the whole school in the gymnasium because I fell really hard on the concrete floor not once, not twice but three times because the teacher kept telling me to finish the sprint(it really hurt, and my knee was bleeding) , and how everyone in my family insults me of how slow of a person I am (I’m actually pretty smart I just couldn’t keep up with family conversations cuz again I’m still deaf).. for the first time in years I talked to my mom about it again. I couldn’t finish my sentence because she interrupted and said “mindset, it’s all in the mindset , if you keep thinking you’re deaf u won’t be able to hear. U need to change the way u think” this was actually pretty painful in the original language. It hurt more because she never thought about my frustrations, my struggle and my hatred for myself for not doing better…… and now that I think about it. She allowed relatives to hurt and insult me despite knowing the reasons why I’m this way. She never bothered to explain…….
Mindset, what an arrogant reply ?

It may be harsh, but this requires a slap so hard to make someone deaf so that they can use their own advise to cure deafness.
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zehel509 · 22-25, F
@Xalvadora you are correct. We are Christians by birth, but I am agnostic by heart. -Actually my sister has anger issues and I am socially awkward because I never entered conversations cuz I couldn’t hear well In a crowd, both of us wants to see a psychiatrist (we are actuallt well off so there is no financial problems ) my mom still believes mental Problems/illness/disorders are not real. And again…. A mindset

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