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Nostalgic about my grandma

Im just gonna go out and say I was my grandma’s favorite grandkid and person. Everyone kept telling me at her funeral I was her pride and joy and I believe it wholeheartedly because she was my favorite grandma and person… we were best friends… I went over to my Grandmas house the first time after her death about a week ago. Where I first found EP and where I made the majority of my life memories with my grandma and seeing it now in its state breaks my heart in a way I don’t know how to describe: ( she left my room exactly how it was when I moved back in with my mom (some exceptions of course involving my AC unit and whatnot) and my family is going to be moving into her house (she left us that) but I just get so sad being in the place I grew up knowing my grandma will never be there again : (
smiler2012 · 56-60
@Pearbear2 😞irrespective of you being her favourite grand child i am sorry for your loss you must missw her dearly
Pearbear2 · 22-25, F
When I found out I literally screamed like my first born died dude. Me and mom have been devastated, she was literally the center of our lives. We both feel lost rn @smiler2012
Fungirlmmm · 51-55, F
I am sorry for your loss.
ineedadrink · 51-55, M
It's going to be tough. I wish you strength & calm.
Workerbee · 31-35, M
I didn’t get to meet my grandma on my moms side before she passed a few years ago

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