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What is their problem?

I have been with my boyfriend for 10 yrs. He's also 10 yrs older than me. I'm 45, He's 55. But the only thing is he looks older than 55 due to a stressful life. Family, jail, drugs as well. My uncle made a comment to me at a get together (that my bf attended) saying he looks older. My dad made a comment today after I took his pic and said that he looked liked my bf. My dad is 77. I'm fed up with the comments. I even sent a pic to my friend in Florida of us and she said he looked like my dad!
Geez 馃槕
Any Thoughts
If you're happy who cares what people say
496sbc36-40, M
Just ignore them hun u like the guy thats what counts
BeautifulLibra41-45, F
@496sbc Thanks
496sbc36-40, M
@BeautifulLibra ur welcome anytime
Picklebobble256-60, M
Tell them they'd prefer you date somebody who looks younger than you ?
Seems a bit silly
BeautifulLibra41-45, F
@Picklebobble2 My family are weirdos. They never mind their own business but everyone elses
TheManHimself8736-40, M
Tell them he's your gilf (Grandpa I Like To Fk) every time they make a silly comment.
If you like how he looks don鈥檛 wiry about the naysayers
Nanori31-35, F
Some people love being the toilet mirror, you know...
Just say "ok great, anything else you'd like to add?"
Carissimi61-69, F
Why not take it gracefully. Unless you know your family is mean, then just accept they are making a factual remark. Does your boyfriend look like your dad? If so, agree and accept it. No need to be upset.
ur dad seems insecure to comment that to u about ur bf. he well knows that鈥檚 not fact. as for the rest, you guys are aging, no one is going to lie about that, but who cares. if you both love and respect each other, that鈥檚 all that matters. ppl say stuff without thinking how it makes others feel and that鈥檚 prob not going to be the last time it will happen.
pdockal56-60, M
Are they lying ?
Applepiedom56-60, M
New boy friend?
iamonfire69636-40, F
Why are they so worried about what he looks like? That鈥檚 weird. Tell them you love him and to stop commenting.
iamonfire69636-40, F
@BeautifulLibra That completely makes sense. I would just ignore it and hopefully they drop it. 10 years isn鈥檛 that big of an age gap. If he treats you well and you love him, that鈥檚 what matters.
BeautifulLibra41-45, F
@iamonfire696 Thanks for your input馃槉
iamonfire69636-40, F
@BeautifulLibra You鈥檙e welcome

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