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I had a weird dream that I was in my old childhood home and it was crumbling and i only had limited time to grab what i wanted to take with me

It was the trailer i spent the first part of my life in. It looked like it was blown up and about to collapse and i was in my old bedroom. I only had a set amount of time to choose what to take with me and only one bag to put stuff in. Some woman was telling me to hurry up. I remember looking around at my old toys and memories trying to find what to take. I don't know it ends because i ended up waking up because my alarm went off. The only thing i remember was deciding between rescuing barbies or a container of those polly pockets with the rubber clothes. They were technically my sisters toys but i played with them too.
Dolls : secret life of you

house collapse: personal instability or loss of support.

Having to choose: you need to learn to confront your own doubt .

Woman talking to you: can mean a variety of things, like your own inner feminine side (yin), or sometimes "mother " , (caring/empathetic)

In a rush: you want something to be over or escape from it .

Childhood bedroom: comfort and support.....the familair .

At a stab id guess,

Your outside self isnt truly who you are .
You are feeling forced to confront very personal aspects of yourself you keep hidden .
you really dont want to, because its requiring you to care for yourself.....which is emotionally painful wanna stay emotinally turned off .

Id say its your subconscious telling you you are needing to accept parts of yourself, ....and let others go .

You can't keep both. You must let go some of your past to make room for who you have become .
Its sad , its feels destructive, it hurts.
But your inner carer knows you need to do it .

Just guessing 馃挏
apersonnamedit22-25, T
@OogieBoogie that's pretty damn accurate

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