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'Coronavirus' is China's bio-chemical attack on the world! Agree or disagree?


I used to praise China a lot for the progress it made in the past three decades!

I was happy that an Asian nation evolved and became as powerful as USA!

Of-course, USSR was equally powerful then and Russia is still powerful in terms of defence infrastructure but it's overall economic structure isn't as strong as USA but they'll be there soon!

Well, Russia's peogress isn't a question here!

[b]China is gradually conquering every developing country in Africa and Asia by investing ample funds in such countries to push their economic growth and development!

The actual aim is turning them into their military base or secret base for covert-operations! [/b]

Same strategy USA's C.I.A used few years ago!

[b]However, my thoughts about China have changed recently! Especially after learning that the routes of this engineered virus are in China![/b]

For over-powering other nations, China could go to this limit! Never thought so!

China has jeopardized world economy, peace and happiness!

I am sure, they'll pay for it!

[b]I am with Italy as they are claiming 'War Damages'!
China, you have put the future of innocent Chinese citizens into trash!

God is watching you China!

May God help us (as in people of world) all!

It may or may not be true. I am skeptical of politicians (who will, after all, be held responsible for what happens, even if that is not fair), making accusations that may or may not be supported by evidence.

At this moment, that matters about as much as who manufactured the bullets being fired at you.

I totally agree with your prayer. May God help all the peoples of the world. 馃鉂わ笍
SoLeRiMix31-35, M
@Mamapolo2016 F.B.I has discovered evidences!

They are simply connecting the dots now!

We may witness US-China war in the near future!

Prayer may help us all!

@SoLeRiMix I haven't seen any credible info about the FBI in regard to coronavirus. A Raytheon engineer took his laptop with missile defense secrets to China and has been arrested. That's a bad thing but it's a different bad thing.
SoLeRiMix31-35, M
@SW-User Not at all!

Yet, I would like to know which part sounds crazy?

PSuss151-55, M
Nurse! ...looks like Vent's not taken his meds again 馃殤
SoLeRiMix31-35, M
Pianist123426-30, M
SoLeRiMix31-35, M
[c=#359E00]no matter what, i always support China with all my heart and energy. And i'm not joking here[/c]
Silverwings61-69, F
@YukikoAmagi Are you Chinese?
@Silverwings [c=#359E00]no[/c]
SoLeRiMix31-35, M
@YukikoAmagi It's your choice!


I used to be like you!

Hope the blind-fold falls-off soon!

Silverwings61-69, F
They are persecuting Christians too.
SoLeRiMix31-35, M
@Silverwings No idea about that!

I'll check that!


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