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Well my furnace died last night again

I am tired of this bullshit and wont pay another cent here. Should taje her 90 dats to evict me i should have around 4 grand then and move. Tired if the games
that van down by the river looks better n better to me every day that passes...
Ontheroad · M
Document all the problems you've had and his responses, both his verbal and how long it takes for a repair and how well the repair is done... he might try taking it to court and you may need backup.
Lilnonames · F
@Ontheroad let her shes lied and got witnesses. Im not staying here after i get evicted ill have 3 monthes once its filed. Its in my lease as well
RuyLopez · 56-60, M
Go buy a oil stand heater from Walmart. Very efficient and will keep a room really toasty.
Lilnonames · F
@RuyLopez nope it's hers to fix its in the lease. If she would deduct it from rent I would. I got 4 electric heaters she pays utilities
Quimliqer · 61-69, MVIP
That’s criminal a landlord will not keep things in working order!! Your plan is awesome, make her evict you.
Pretzel · 61-69, M
yeah. if the heater is out you don't pay rent -
Lilnonames · F
@Pretzel ac don't work either
Pretzel · 61-69, M
@Lilnonames yeah, stay there until you find something decent
Lilnonames · F
@Pretzel tired of the lies. And trying to piece it together and not fix right. I got money to move now
Starcrossed · 41-45, F
uncalled4 · 51-55, M
Eek, had that happen about 5 years ago, had to replace the ancient system. It wasn't cheap.
Lilnonames · F
@uncalled4 been 8 monthes now and it works after they fix it them breaks again. Front doors broke never fixed just fixed the roof leak after 4 monthes ruin my tv she creadited me 750 off my rent ive not aid in six weeks and i wont any more. Got back door taped shut as it has a one in gap around it she was sposed to replace the seal
uncalled4 · 51-55, M
@Lilnonames Oof, sounds like it's best to split.
Lilnonames · F
@uncalled4 i agree lol

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