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Sometimes I get lonely

I live alone and the days do get boring sometimes. Yes I have a boyfriend but he is terminally ill. Its very isolating being there for someone who is ill and i do get lonely.
Ontheroad · M
I'm sorry your boyfriend is so ill, but you do need to take care of yourself. Maybe go out for a coffee with a friend... it's important that you don't isolate yourself and do nothing but care for a sick loved one.
RubiesandButterflies · 51-55, F
@Ontheroad yes thats true and thankyou.
Livingwell · 61-69, M
I'm so sorry. I admire your devotion to your bf. I pray for both of you.
RubiesandButterflies · 51-55, F
@Livingwell thankyou
Willomk1 · 46-50, M
I understand this completely when your a carer for someone it does get lonely as you don’t always want to talk about your worries and fears with your partner. The life also means you don’t have age much time for friends and family.Thats why it’s good to chat here as you can still be getting stuff done.
@Willomk1 yes, it’s important to take any support that others can give, as long as they are not pushy.
Willomk1 · 46-50, M
Yeah save me from the just pull yourself together and stop eating brigade@sunriselover
I don’t envy you one bit. And words cannot express how I feel for you. A lot of us have been there unfortunately Look over your own health though. Do you have any family who can help you? Or a good friend or two.
RubiesandButterflies · 51-55, F
@sunriselover my Mum and a friend at church also online friends.
darkmere1983 · 46-50, M
[c=005E2F][i]i am truly sorry, i know the pain of loneliness myself, i guess it comes down to you have to force yourself to get out and meet people as hard as that may be, i wish you luck and happiness and i am sorry about your partner.[/i][/c]
RubiesandButterflies · 51-55, F
@darkmere1983 yes and thankyou
Freetime · 56-60, M
I'm sorry. I feel lonely a lot too, even though I'm married. I find it hard to connect with people. I'm sure your situation is much harder because of your boyfriend's illness.
RubiesandButterflies · 51-55, F
@Freetime yes its very hard.
Strict4u · 56-60, M
Sorry about your boyfriend it’s not fun being lonely I get that a lot
RubiesandButterflies · 51-55, F
@Strict4u no its not and thankyou.
Wolffy · 56-60, M
Sorryfor yr bad times reach out an find people to chat
Monalisaa1986 · 36-40, F
Why is he terminally ill
RubiesandButterflies · 51-55, F

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