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So I have learned a new word through SW..

Incel I didn’t know it was a word untill I was on here and I see it here and other social sites too a lot more now. Mostly at how they disapprove of those ppl and how they might be old prunes lol. I was surprised and wondered about the label. But today I have remembered that on the path to awakening you must part from desire. Then I remembered why I don’t fit in and how others might not understand. It’s ok though the 5d is coming and we’re just all on diferente paths and paces. Desire is an illusion and illusion is the opposite of awakening. Interesting times we now live in.
They are a horrible but growing subspecies of males who somehow think that it’s women fault that they are socially inept.
Yeah, incels are an interesting group of people. The word is short for involuntarily celibate, so it could theoretically apply to anybody who just can't get a date. But it's usually applied to people who have a personal problem with those of the female persuasion, and demand so-called men's rights. The reason they are referred to as incels is that the most common joke about them is that with a personality like that, they must be unable to find anyone to go out with.
@LordShadowfire I’m still a bit confused about its definition they want rights?
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@LordShadowfire omg 😱 had it wrong l thought it was people who wouldn’t partake in online hankie pankie. I guess it kinda does but the meaning goes way deeper lmao I appreciate the clarification though lol makes more sense now. I see the term a lot now in anonymous sites. Thanks 🙏

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