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I Believe Life Is a Life Long Lesson

When men hide behind time consuming obsessions with sports and TV football etc...

and only seem to care about these sports to the detriment of much else..

what do you think they are really hiding from??

Good answers will be amply rewarded but one/two word answers with no followup upon prompting...are not sincere. Maybe nobody here really knows?
4thdimensiondream · 61-69, M
Hmmm maybe they aren’t hiding. Maybe they just really love it. Life is full of pressures and for me Sunday football helps me recover from it and refreshes me for the week ahead. If you are being completely ignored then there is a problem. But if your solution is for him to take you to the mall knowing how much he loves the games then that’s wrong too. I try to balance it all. If I was single there would be a game on every night I’d watch.
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Afc71 · 51-55, M
I'm not sure you can just blame the mothers. Some men are just shown that it is a woman's place to run the house while they sit on their backsides. Mothers , fathers, society as a whole is to blame i guess!
Afc71 · 51-55, M
@Stilltryinghard well, things may be different than here in the UK, but maybe it is better than what u have at the moment
@Afc71 You know I lost an SW friend in a very nasty way because she is in the UK shaking a finger at me about I am the cause of my own misery and I had better know I CHOSE this supposedly get liberated from it.


Then I apologized and she is still snubbing me.

SW friends. Yup.

Homeless camps too.
Afc71 · 51-55, M
@Stilltryinghard well, we're not all like that in the UK, but people on SW are no more to ne trusted than any other stranger that you chat to on any other social network. I am sorry u experienced this response though.
Cierzo · M
From things in themselves or their lives they do not like.

But apart from tv and football, there is another way of escape that is not different, although regarded as much more respectable: travelling.
@Cierzo Getting lost in the sports is travel something inside that is unutterably inaccessible
Cierzo · M
@Stilltryinghard I meant the physical travel in space. I think it is often used to avoid inside travelling
@Cierzo at any rate these people are always traveling AWAY from someone who could use some company and validation.
firefall · 61-69, M
The same thing women are hiding from, with shopping and gossip and endless chores: the meaninglessness of life.
@firefall we don't like one another. I am here only because he didn't care if I came here or not when I was in an emergency situation...I knew him decades ago and so he was not really a stranger, and other than that, we are in separate universes.

I can't find how to have a life when I have to come home to this neglect which actually feels abusive.

I am past 70 and have zero money and no job skills to get any kind of comparable living situation so I stay cause the pets are here and the garden etc...instead of dirty sidewalks and a warehouse to eat in and maybe a shopping cart to push and a homeless camp to live in.

Anyone would opt for this nightmare instead.

firefall · 61-69, M
@Stilltryinghard Ahh. That's terrible, to have such bad choices, I am sorry to hear it. If your housemate is of comparable age, he might just feel defeated and pointless without having a job, a purpose for his life?
@firefall He has two jobs and two sources of pension, all being collected by him now. I never said otherwise. Meanwhile I don't have enough skills to buy my way out of here so I am enslaved in a kind of way as an involuntary caretaker when he doesn't care about himself the house or us, let alone me alone.

Its a ghastly situation but if I hadn't been here for the last 15 years I would be dead or in a homeless camp.

And really the ONLY difference between this and a typical bad marriage is that we don't love one another, we don't touch one another and we aren't pretending to care. We are just stuck with each other.
Montanaman · M
I consume myself and my time with my family. Whatever they're interested in, whatever they are doing, that's where I'm at. There is plenty of time to get my "me time".🥰💞🤗
Afc71 · 51-55, M
@Afc71 what kind of mothers did these guys have in your opinion?

Please help me by saying something...there's someone like that in the house where i live
@Afc71 for what???? And what if THEY don't agree?
Velvety · F
Their ignorance.
@Velvety of what???
Velvety · F
@Stilltryinghard About all topics in life a person can talk about or entertain themselves on.
antonioio · 70-79, M
@antonioio meaning????????

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