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I Feel Alone

These are about me telling my crushes I have a crush on them. I always get the same response "sorry, I am not looking for a relationship", or " I am not in the right state of mind". Then they find someone like few weeks later and ends up dating them. It makes me think something is wrong with me and also that they are trying to be nice about it. It makes it worse, I wish they can just tell me how they feel instead. I just hate hearing the same excuses from all the guys. I know they aren't the one for me, but still... just being honest would be great, instead trying to be the nice guy.
People don't want to be mean and tell people why they don't like them.. Maybe you should wait for someone to ask you instead of asking them?
Insidemind · 26-30, F
Yeah, I understand people don't want to be mean. Shouldn't they be honest, because if you say you aren't ready to be in a relationship and then you end up being in a relationship with another girl, it hurts the girl you say you weren't ready. I would say that would hurt more. @SStarfish
@Insidemind maybe you shouldn't pay so much attention to them.. They aren't your bf/gf yet.. They can date whoever and whenever they want .. Sigh no offense 😬 You wouldn't want to date just anyone who asked you whenever they wanted.. Would you?
Insidemind · 26-30, F
I never said that i wanted to date that person, or wanted him to date me. I just asked if he liked me and yet he really didn't answer, but his answer was "I am not ready to date". It could just mean he aint into me. I get that they can date whoever or whenever they want. I just wish they just be honest. That is all. @SStarfish
Justsomeguy · 46-50, M
Personally if I could go back I would focus more on friends and myself and worry less about a relationship. You will have crushed your entire life.
Insidemind · 26-30, F
I do, I need to focus on the real goal. @Justsomeguy
Justsomeguy · 46-50, M
You will be fine and believe me life is tough enough without creating problems for yourself that are not really there@Insidemind
Insidemind · 26-30, F
I wish it was easy, but it really is hard. espeically when you are stuck in school and the town is dead.@Justsomeguy
Tittieman · 61-69, M
What would you want them to say?
Be patient. The right one for you will come along.
Insidemind · 26-30, F
I wish they could just tell me they aren't interested in me instead. @Tittieman
Tittieman · 61-69, M
I guess that would be better.
Good luck to you
I can so relate.
Insidemind · 26-30, F
right... it's so annoying. @SW-User

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