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All of this shit is confusing

Okay so my landlord said that the apartments all have internet. But to access that internet do I need a Wi-Fi router? Cuz I gotta get my homework done. And if this place does have internet, where is it? Why am I not hooked up to it automatically I've lived here for almost 2 years. I'v just basically been bumming off of people's Wi-Fi around me but they all kicked me off.
HijabaDabbaDoo · F Best Comment
I love how you have his number saved with a description of where he's from like "John from the Old testament"

Northwest · M
When you bum off someone's WiFi, do they give you their password and name of their network?

When you say your apartments have Internet, is it like when the landlord says your apartment has cable TV service? If so, then you still need to activate the service.

Ask your landlord who the service provider is (cable company, phone company, other), then contact them, and explain your dilemma. I'm sure they will be able to hook up, and provide equipment and instructions, all for a monthly fee. Otherwise, you've got to keep borrowing WiFi service from neighbors close to you physically.
Northwest · M
[@526179,TurtlePink] [quote]yes, they give me the password and the name to their network.[/quote]

In that case, do what you did when you moved in, to have your electric, gas, and utilities started: call the Internet service provider. Google: Internet service provider in my location. They would be able to get service started for you, if you're willing to pay.
TurtlePink · 70-79, M
[@9416,Northwest] do you think they'll be able to get it all hooked up on the same day? Because I got a test coming up.
Northwest · M
[@526179,TurtlePink] You said you live in an apartment, and people around you have Internet service, so my guess is that you already have an outlet in your apartment. If that's the case, they can activate it remotely, and instantly.

Figure out who your cable company is, and who your phone company is. Call both of them, and ask what they have to offer. If you live in the US, they will have a retail shop you can drive to, and pick up the equipment. Generally speaking, they will also have wireless routers available, that they rent as part of your monthly service fees.

Skip all the bullshit offers, and tell them that you only want Internet access, period. No TV, no phone, nothing else.

To request a service person, it may be a few days, depending on how busy they are in your area.

Just don't forget to set up a password for both the equipment they give you, as well as the network you set up. As in, read the instructions.
The interner should be a white cable with a little needle tip coming out of one of your walls. You need to buy a router (which you'll need to pay for) and plug it into the wall. The job of the router is to connect you to the internet (which is that white wire). You can connect to it remotely (using wi-fi) or you ca plug directly into the router with a an ethernet/LAN cable. Both will connevt you to the router which should connect you to the white wire (which is internet)
TurtlePink · 70-79, M
How come no one ever taught me how to do this 😔😩😩 how come they don't teach this stuff in school
Viper · M
[@526179,TurtlePink] I very much agree! Why don't schools teach what all people actually use?

I know a person whom can write an absolutely amazing research paper... but they can't cook much more than ramen...

Cooking and cooking healthy should be a mandatory class more than some of the mandatory classes! And they force you to take classes for all the Mircosoft software, but not how to set any other tech up.
If he says theres internet then that should mean he will give you the wifi to the building where you all share it. If you need a router then you need your own internet, you'll need to pay for it and have your own wifi. That's not clear unless hes saying the place has had fibre optics installed so you can get fibre internet but that doesnt mean you dont have to still go get your own wifi. That's stupid
BigBen · 61-69, M
You probably do need a router. You need to know what kind of internet connection the apartment complex provides. You haven't provided enough info to be able to offer specific assistance. Ask your apartment manager how it's set up.

I am guessing you're on SW using your phone. You may be able to set that phone up as a wifi hotspot to get your homework done. Might be slow, but better than nothing.
passingby8 · 31-35, F
He shouldve given you more info
TurtlePink · 70-79, M
[@958245,passingby8] This what he said.
passingby8 · 31-35, F
[@526179,TurtlePink]Im confused and im not even there 😂 good luck!
Bushmanoz · 56-60, M
if there is no wifi then yeah, chances are you need a router. to send wifi, it will connect to a telephone socket, you can get splitters for them if you need..(like a double adapter that lets you plug in 2 things) I wouldn't be hooking up to just any wifi if you do any banking etc. You can get modems/routers for pretty cheap. Can you ask a neighbour how they are getting access?
Yeah you need a router.. Unless you can get on someone's WiFi.
TurtlePink · 70-79, M
[@868864,HannahSky] this is what he said.
[@526179,TurtlePink] router /modem yes that's it.
They aren't that expensive.
[@526179,TurtlePink] ask what internet provider your landlord uses. Some are specifically for certain companies.
I'm not sure about the modem/router combo or if a router only is enough
LucyFuhr · 51-55, F
Before you pick anything up, maybe you should call your landlord and ask him/her or even one of the neighbors. The 2 places I lived that had internet included, all I needed was a password.
TurtlePink · 70-79, M
And if I went to Walmart tomorrow and picked up a Wi-Fi router, is that all I need to do to get back on the internet? I just plug in the router and the Wi-Fi is back on? Is that all it takes? Or am I supposed to call somebody to come in and do that to get it all set up? I just don't know.
[@526179,TurtlePink] someone at the store who knows tech should be able to explain or there might be directions online or an 800 number to call for assistance
[@526179,TurtlePink] 🤷‍♀️
Bushmanoz · 56-60, M
[@526179,TurtlePink] I had a quick squiz at usa walmarts, and you can get a pretty decent router for $30..the same ones here are over $100
Also, we really need hyperlinks on SW
Leggs · 46-50, F
Regardless you would probably need to the password for the apartment buildings Wi-Fi.
Rose0415 · 31-35, F
You can call an ISP and have them install all that stuff for you.
deadgerbil · 22-25
Why did they kick you off lol
TurtlePink · 70-79, M
[@761112,deadgerbil] I guess because they didn’t want me using it anymore 😔
Come on you can do it!!
TurtlePink · 70-79, M
Everyone else in my apartment has their OWN Wi-Fi network thingy. So to get your own network you have to buy a router, right?
TurtlePink · 70-79, M
And if I do have to go get a Wi-Fi router does it matter what kind I get?

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