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What were you doing in 2008?

I was a young man trying to get back on track and get his life together. Well, more like "trying", because I didn't put forth much effort.
I spent most of the year ill, and a couple of months in the hospital.
SubstantialKick · 31-35, M
@bijouxbroussard I'm sorry. You survived though, and you're still here with us.
@SubstantialKick Yes, indeed.
SkeetSkeet · 100+, F
Going through my Mexican phase I believe hahah
SkeetSkeet · 100+, F
@SubstantialKick I went thru my “Panther” stage in 1975, got an Afro, scowled at everyone and wrote really bad poetry about being misunderstood. Which no one understood. 😏
SubstantialKick · 31-35, M
@bijouxbroussard Lol. I tried dressing like Soulja Boy and those popular hip-hop/rap stars at the time. I totally cringe looking back at that 🤣.
I moved to Australia that year
SkeetSkeet · 100+, F
@SubstantialKick I'm not sure what you consider an 'actual' Australian
raysam363 · 31-35, F
Got into college, so that was neat.
SubstantialKick · 31-35, M
@raysam363 Could have gone better for me, if I hadn't been so lazy lol.
raysam363 · 31-35, F
@SubstantialKick Don't be so down. I graduated during the "great recession" so the jobs I lined up fell through.
🤓 Small town girl livin in a lonely world.... 🤓 I was 18.
Discovering what a pack of cunts the majority of people are...
@SubstantialKick So did I, except that I thought that it was just localized and not a world wide phenomenon at that point...I learned about everyone else
SubstantialKick · 31-35, M
@Mandalorian It didn't help that I was a short and scrawny nerd who sucked at sports 😂😂.
@SubstantialKick lol...similar situations
I was married with my own home, savings and a great career job and completely unaware that it was all about to end.
I was going through a nasty break up and working in the world's worst school. I left London and soon moved back.
Azlotto · M
I can't remember what I was doing...I was probably wasted and had my pecker stuck up in some slut.
Living my best life, being the top reader at my school and eating shitty school lunch
Junior and senior in high school. Vacation in Greece that summer. It was a good year.
Best year in high school 😌
SubstantialKick · 31-35, M
@Dewms Sophomore and senior year were the best for me. Freshman and junior year...👎🏽
@SubstantialKick hahaha sophomore was amazing!!
StarLily · 51-55, F
Separating from my ex husband.
DDonde · 31-35, M
uncalled4 · 51-55, M
In between breakups of my 6-year, on-again, off-again relationship with a controlling narcissist. In other words, wasting my damn time.

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