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Your stuck on a 10 square mile Island in the middle of the Pacific

you're marooned after a heavy storm at sea. The ship sinks with no other survivors or supplies. No means of communication possible. A natural beach and thick vegetation consuming 95% of the island.

What are somethings your begin looking for or doing to survive on this island till rescue finds you.


🤷‍♂️ I'm bored AF
Dusty101 · 51-55, F
I'd light a fire naturally as I was taught to do that and there has to be a fire going on the desert island its mandatory! 😁 I'd then look around for fruit and fish with the rod I made!
Also collect loads of stones and spell out "PICK ME UP IN A WEEK"
then I'd build a little Fort to sleep in!
With the fruit ill make a fab hooch!
Happy days! 😁👌
Byron8by7 · M
@Dusty101 I suppose. Cheers, darlin'. Take care.
@Dusty101 I like your vacation idea sounds brilliant 😂🤣😎😎😎
Dusty101 · 51-55, F
@DocDisrespect thanks... I always make something great out of something terrible! 😁👍
Dusty101 · 51-55, F
@Vivaci that's my girl!

We'll have fun... Make the most of it!
@Dusty101 What!?!! You mean you'll give them booze and invite them to dance around the bonfire instead of fighting them??? 🤯
Dusty101 · 51-55, F
@Vivaci yep... Our new pals!
@Dusty101 🤣😂🙌 Only an Irish trueblood has the guts to say that!!
Fresh water would be my first thought above all else, after finding that it'd be shelter then food. After that i'd be trying to build a surf board. It's stressful seeing great wave with no means of getting out to them :o
I'll look for Dusty....I know she'll draw her name in the sand. So I'll walk around the island looking for her. And then we'll have a girls night out and bonfires and fun!! Who needs to be rescued. Goodbye responsibilities!! 😂
CheshireCatalyst · 36-40, M
Figure out how to light a fire. Find a source of fresh water. Find something sharp and pointy in case of predators.
Dusty101 · 51-55, F
@CheshireCatalyst I'll teach you to light one! 👌😊
CheshireCatalyst · 36-40, M
@Dusty101 I was going to use my glasses as a magnifying glass. :)
DrSunnyTheSkeptic · 26-30, M
I'd love to play that on a computer game. Let's see, my first priority would be to secure a safe place to sleep, somewhere predators or weather conditions wouldn't get to me. Which means I need tools and need to procure things like wood palm leaves or whatever to make some sort of shelter. I will need to find food and find a way to have a continuous source of food and fresh water. I will need to learn to set fire, If I could connect a kettle to a pipe I could boil sea water and condense it into fresh water. From then on I have no idea how I will get off that island.
I would
1. Look for water that i can drink
2. Check trees if i see familiar fruits
3. Find some wood
4. Make weapon
5. Light a fire
nacnud · 31-35, M
Given the ship sank how did you get to shore (liferaft or swum there) to begin with?

Finding something to fend off wildlife before seeing if there was any natural water to drink before seeing if there was a safe place to sleep.
@nacnud use your imagination. Be creative 👀
Water to drink. Shelter/food
SimplyTracie · 22-25, F
There must be coconut trees so I’d climb it and get a coconut 🥥
melbeacher · 56-60, M
A swingers resort !

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