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Should I donate my Hamster cage and all of the Accessories to the Second Hand Store that let me go on two shopping sprees for free?

Mental Health set me up with two separate shopping vouchers at the Second Hand store not too long ago, I bought everything from 6 pairs of Jeans for each of my growing boys, hoodies and t-shirts and a lot of pajamas for myself and coats and beautiful 8 piece dishwear! I've spent hundreds of Larry Bucks is what Mental Health calls the cause Larry is the owner of the store. Anyway I have been trying to sell my Hamster Cage with all of the Accessories on Facebook buy and sell and haven't got a hit yet. I was wondering do you think that I should donate it to the Second Hand Store that has done so much for me?

This is All that they would get! Minus the actual Hamster and food.
I would talk to them first - breeders generally don't advise using a second hand cage because you don't know what the rodent who was in it died from.

With that said, I have a second hamster in my cage after the original died some years ago - and he's getting on a bit now (I've had the cage from new and I know that the previous resident died of old age).

Even so, I didn't put him in the old cage lightly... I just couldn't see him continue to slide out of the tubes like he did in the cage that came with him - he looked dead when he hit the bottom in his sleep!!! 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
saintsong41-45, F
@HootyTheNightOwl well........ I am ashamed of myself......he fell from chewing on the cage wire and broke his leg and no longer could use his spinning wheel to stay in shape in a few weeks he grew obese where he could no longer climb to the second floor. So I put his food dish on the bottom floor soon he got so fat he couldn't climb in or out of his food dish and he soon died. So I disinfected his cage and aired it out outside and rinsed it out a few times in the bath tub. And today I donated it to the second hand store along with All of the supplies and accessories.
@saintsong That's nothing to be ashamed of... it's not like you did anything to contribute to his accident or anything and you tried your best to help him afterwards as best as you could.

Any rodent can easily have an accident like that - especially if they like swinging across the roof of their cage like monkey bars.

It's great that the second hand store accepted them. I know that second hand stores here can be a bit hit and miss to find a place that will accept cages and tanks - that's why I suggested that you call ahead of time so that you didn't have to lug everything all the way over there for them to say "No".
Nick161-69, M
That鈥檚 good to return Larry鈥檚 good deed. I am sure it will help that store to do more for people in need.
MarineBob56-60, M
Of course
saintsong41-45, F
@MarineBob Yeah I think so too, it brings me the fragrance of LIFE
what type of Ham ham did you have?
saintsong41-45, F
@DiegoWolfe I had a Campbells Russian Dwarf Hamster he was pretty

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