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4th of July

My homeland, the United States, has been through a lot in its comparatively short history. We emerged on the scene by shocking the world. And then we continued to shock the world over and over. Sometimes in good ways and sometimes in not so good ways. We have grown and matured in some areas, and have regressed in others. As a global power our presence allowed for amazing growth of global trade, but we've also stuck our noses where they haven't belonged several times.

I like to think we are a great nation, though I understand we are far away from being a perfect nation. But patriotism is not about believing your nation is the best nation. Patriotism is in loving your nation and pushing it to be the best it can be.

This country has brought great things to many people. It has also let a lot of us down. The future will see it bring us more great things and let us down again and again. There is no avoiding such imperfection.

But I have hope still, especially from the young people of this nation, that we can push our country to produce more great things and fewer let downs. The last eight or so years have been hard on a lot of people in different ways. For many, it feels like we've been stepping backwards. But there is still light in the USA. And we can help it shine ever brighter once again.

Always remember that a nation is not a flag or a symbol. A nation is its people. And a true patriot, be they someone cheering the nation on or criticizing it, is someone willing to step in and move beyond words to help improve the lives and happiness of their countrymen.
If a nation is its people the. We are fucked. Corrupt government, purchasable politicians, corrupt systems, evil people, school shootings every week, worthless money, were fucked. We’re no better than Brazil - the propaganda just makes the blind idiots think we are
the landing of astronauts in the sun must necessarily happen
for science
for the future
for the life of all mankind
Oster1 · M
May you and yours, enjoy this day. I certainly agree with you. 🙂
Oster1 · M
Excellent and very well written!!!

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4th of July
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