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Democrats don't care about Global Warming.

If they did they would not have gone along with the American Deep State who blew up the natural gas pipelines coming out of Russia thus releasing huge amounts of natural gas into the Baltic and then into the atmosphere. According to AGW scientists natural gas is much worse than CO2 yet the US just blew up Nordstreem 1 and 2 as Biden promised back in February.
And what is your source for the USA being behind that, and specifically the democrats approving it?
hippyjoe1955 · 61-69, M
@NerdyPotato There is no long covid in the unvaxed.
@hippyjoe1955 maybe not in your little circle, but long COVID cases arose long before there even were vaccines.
@hippyjoe1955 lol..the denier …pathetic
Ozuye502 · 31-35, M
All they care about is control and forced government dependence.
Ozuye502 · 31-35, M
@Ryderbike there are more fundamental rights than just abortion...
Freedom of speech
Self defense (yes firearms are tools of self defense they include the Armalite rifle model 15)
Property rights
Among many others.
Actually there are more restrictions on abortion in Europe than the United States....
Remember, rights are temporary.@Ozuye502
@Ozuye502 @Ozuye502 absolutely nothing is more important than dominion over your own body. Do you understand ? Nothing .
Perhaps a course in critical thinking might help you. Education isn’t a bad thing,
hippyjoe1955 · 61-69, M
@Ryderbike Sadly you are the only one who is uneducated. Likely you were taught what to think and not how to think. You should ask for a refund.
@hippyjoe1955 trump described you perfectly,
hippyjoe1955 · 61-69, M
@Ryderbike And you are as brain dead as you hero Biden. Move on son. You're boring.
RodionRomanovitch · 56-60, M
Your bullshit knows no bounds.
hippyjoe1955 · 61-69, M
@RodionRomanovitch Looking in the mirror again?
Ontheroad · M
Hey Joe, it might work better for you if you put down the blunt a hour or so before getting on SW. Either that, or share it so we can all laugh at your deep state conspiracy theories.
The US military is earth's worst carbon emitter.
Murkans cannot care. Too sick, uneducated, oppressed and stupid.
Ozuye502 · 31-35, M
@Roundandroundwego try again my guy. China and Inda actually produce more. As far as the military goes the humanitarian missions they carry out will blow your mind. But you do have a point about being under educated and oppressed. Hopefully you don't live in a nato nation because us "stupid" Americans have been keeping the wolf at bay for a long time now.
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