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Is Andrew Tate guilty of rape? Why do people still love him?

So Andrew Tate is a internet personality I am learning about that has some very different views on what a man should be like and what a woman should be like he seems to be loved and he is accused of rape and sex trafficking's yet his popularity and message remain strong without question. To further this point I watched a segment with Ben Shapiro some of the stuff Ben says I like some of it I dont like but one thing that bothered me is that when he was talking about Andrew Tate he basically said its ok if you admire him even though hes facing these charges which to a extent I agree because hes not convicted yet but my problem is he just didnt go hard enough on him its like Ben and everyone accepts him even though he is a fraud and a ok kickboxer in my opinion.
MarsRedSky · 26-30, MNew
His own videos make him very suspect, imo. For instance, the way he’s so open about scamming the girls he worked with, by only giving them 30% of their earnings when they agreed 50%.

Ultimately I don’t think he’s a very good role model; occasionally he might impart some decent advice, but most of what he says is delusional nonsense that doesn’t apply to 99% of guys.
Morrowind · 26-30, M
I don’t know much about him but I assume it’s because a lot of people hate feminism and he spoke out about it I guess. Though again I’m not really sure
bushi2020 · 36-40, M
@Morrowind I dont even understand feminism that well its just women wanting to be equal to men right? If thats the case for the most part they are they can do anything a man can do now a days though I know men earn more money than women but thats all changing.

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