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I Had A Major Wardrobe Malfunction

Happy Memorial Day to all! Just relaxing today and did promise to post another one of my malfunctions. Unexpected, slightly embarrassing. This happened just before this past Christmas. It was unusually mild weather and a Korean hottie friend of mine and I decided to do some gift shopping. Buttons and zippers are my enemy, and I wore this strapless blue denim minidress that I adore. Almost knee length, quite snug and closes up the front with I think ten buttons. Wore stockings, garter belt and the matching denim pumps. Love the dress, hate the buttons. It is quite snug and all it takes is a little bit of stress, and the buttons by my belly have a nasty tendency to pop out of their holes. Not bad if I notice it and button them. This time I didn't. We wound up in the fragrance department of Macy's. I was looking for my favorite fragrance, Harajuko Lovers. Found it all the way on the bottom of the glass case. The sales girl came over and asked me if I needed help. I told her yes, then stooped low to point out what I wanted in the case. She got it out and I stood back up, totally unaware that when I leaned forward to look in the case that I had sprung two buttons on my dress. The sales girl put the perfume on the counter, then shockingly said...OMG!, I have never seen such a belly button! So big! Not only did they get a view of my huge pierced and tattooed navel, but the waistband of my garter belt as well. My lady friend was standing next to me and before I could do a thing, she quickly threw her hand over my malfunction to cover up. I turned away from the counter and buttoned my dress shut. I payed for the perfume and all this sales girl wanted to talk about was my belly button. I just wanted to get out of the store. Finally did. My friend thought it was hilarious. I did not. I will get even with her! ☘️
Korrupted · 61-69, F
Thanks, but this was just another one of my typical wardrobe malfunctions. If it isn't buttons that I am popping, then it is either sprung zippers or split seams. ☘
Korrupted · 61-69, F
Sorry about that. No wearing heels this week. Ran into a door and broke a toe this afternoon! ☘
Korrupted · 61-69, F
Nothing like an sudden and unexpected clothing malfunction. Embarrassing but arousing! ☘
daveal · 56-60, M
Sounds like the sales lady wanted a mentor.
bellybuttonfan17 · 36-40, M
Holy hot !!!! I love experiences like this where the bellybutton is accidentally exposed... I love to expose mine like I didn't mean to as well and tease people... ;)
Korrupted · 61-69, F
I am not big on showing mine off. Gets too much attention. Be prepared for the unexpected! ☘️
diablo · 46-50, M
Tsk, tsk, T. You keep teasing us with all these erotic wardrobe malfunction stories (especially the RCB jeans), but we poor pitiful souls cannot see any photos. :D
plainlover2002 · 61-69, M
Wow, all that excitement about a belly button, it must be incredible, would love to see it.
diablo · 46-50, M
Awwww... that sucks, T! L( Are you ok? I have stubbed many a toe in my day, but never broken one.
Jennagurl · 46-50, T
If any guys had noticed, I'm sure their jaws would have dropped.
Finerthings · 56-60, M
I love seeing you pop out everywhere!
nativespirit · 61-69, M
Never lucky enough to be around when that happens
luvin2flirt · 61-69, M
That would have been an eye opener.. 😉
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GAYMAN · 36-40
That's a lot of reading lol
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pucker8551 · 70-79, M
liked the stroy
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munster49 · 70-79, M
love it lol

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