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My Makeup Malfunction

Well, I was not really sure where or if to post this but will post it here. A good SW friend says to post and so does my husband. This is not really a wardrobe malfunction, but since makeup is a big part of my looks and I am an aesthetician, it will do. Unlike my wardrobe malfunctions, my makeup and hair is almost bulletproof. I use mainly Sephora, Mac or Lipsense for lipstick, blush, eyeliner, etc. Strip eyelashes are stuck on with either Duo for relatively short term, a day, or liquid medical adhesive for several days. Will survive all weather and even the hot tub or pool without falling off. So, just this past Tuesday I was persuaded to try some similar cosmetics that a “friend” started selling. I don’t know where it is from, but it is inexpensive and agreed to try it. We both experimented with it at my house. The lipstick, blush, eyeliner and lash adhesive. I applied mine, then did hers for her. Shortly after we went out. In the car with the AC on, all seemed fine and I was thinking I would buy this stuff from her. Once out of the car and in the sun and heat it was a different story. After about an hour outside something did not feel right. I pulled my small mirror out of my purse and checked myself. To my horror this makeup was literally dissolving in the heat! The lipstick was like watery and smudged. The blush was ruined, eyeliner runny. One eyelash had come unglued and was on my cheek, the other falling off. This stuff was melting. I was falling apart! Ditto for her! She looked as shabby too! We spent about 45 minutes cleaning this shit off our faces in my car with the AC on and fixed ourselves up with my stuff which, fortunately, I always have with me. She had many excuses for this mishap; bad batch, the heat, not applied correct. Yeah, right! Try just admitting it is just garbage! This is coming from a woman who can’t put on lipstick or eyeliner. She can keep selling this cheap crap, which she will. I will stick with my stuff and the malfunctions I am know best for! 🙀
Elizabeth28 · TVIP Best Comment
Sounds like it was an awful batch for sure !!!! would not happened with Mac, Sephora , Urban Deckay , or Arbonne even Marry Kay sounds better than this kido makeup wana be beeep!! run away lol
Korrupted · 61-69, F
@Elizabeth28 I agree! I have never had any issues with my usual products. Th mascara, lipstick, blush and eyelash glue all garbage! Never again 😆

Dlrannie · 31-35, F
Where makeup is concerned I’m of the less is more school 😂😂🐼🥢
Korrupted · 61-69, F
@Dlrannie That is not a bad idea at all. I just look too plain without it and am so used to doing it that can’t go without. But this experiment was just all wrong! 🙀
Teslin · M
LOL at least you gave it a chance.
Luckily you were prepared with makeup wipes to clean the old off and yours to apply more
Korrupted · 61-69, F
@Teslin As one Sw member and my husband said, just stick with what works! This shit was horrible and she is gonna sell it on FB? Not even suitable for a cheap hooker! I always carry my stuff with me for a fix up after my husband trashes me!
Teslin · M
@Korrupted sounds like a great road trip
fun read,,🤣

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