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WTF is the difference between a "Baby Evangelical" and a fully-formed douchebag?

[b] Prominent evangelical who met The Donald says he is sure the billionaire is now a 'baby Christian'[/b]馃槣
anythingoes477M Best Comment
I wonder if the conversion came over Donnie while he was banging the porn star behind his wife's back (as he has in EVERY one of his marriages)---or if he found god while doing the Playboy bunny behind his wife's back??
[@539720,anythingoes477] Isn't that amazing and convenient? Like the prison inmate that found Jesus right before probation. These are the affairs that we know of, too. Imagine the filth and degradation he has perpetrated that we are not aware of. I wonder how these filthy evangelicals would feel if this 70+-year-old man was kneeling on their 14-year-old daughter's chest and forcing them to suck his micropenis? Would they be happy to accept his money as a payoff and just accept that their daughter is an offering to the Dear and Glorious Dotard?
[@523604,JudasGoat] "Evangelicals" want a political voice. Political clout. As long as Don the Con says he is for them--and they think they might benefit politically if they support him--they'd overlook pics of him raping a baby. If someone put a balance scale in the church and on one side was a 10 pound Bible and on the other was a .1 ounce piece of paper that says on it "you'll carry political weight if you forget God and support a clown"----the church scale would tip to the slip of paper side------every time. "Evangelical" stands for Republican Party first--God dead last.

Tastyfrzz56-60, M
The Evangelicals and Trump have finally succeeded in converting an entire generation to atheists.
[@391032,Tastyfrzz] Hah. Years of posting Meme's all for naught 馃槩
hunkalove61-69, M
Fear and hate are what religion is all about. Trump fits right in!
[@45528,hunkalove] He is the anti-christ (if you are a believer) He fits the description

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