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I Remember Physical Education In Vest And Pants [I Hated Physical Education Class]

So did any of you guys from the UK ever get pantsed or something like that by disgruntled students that had to go to class in their underwear?

For example, were there ever any cases where a friend of yours (or an enemy) had to do gym in their underwear and you didn't, so they decided to pants you out of jealousy so that you would be seen in your underwear too, or even do something like steal your kit so that you had to go in your underwear?
GentleLucille26-30, F
In year 3 I once pretended to forget my PE kit so my friend Becky was not the only girl who had to gymnastics in her knickers and vest 馃槆
Rikudou26-30, M
@GentleLucille How thoughtful of you. If it came down to it, would you still strip for someone else to be comfortable now at your current age?
GentleLucille26-30, F
@Rikudou Well I'm 20 now, so probably a bit too old to be doing gym in my underwear 馃槄 But yeah, in general I don't like people to be embarrassed or uncomfortable unnecessarily 馃檪
Thingschange444451-55, M
Even worse was youth detention. Our primary school was vest and pants lol.but Secondary school was do it in ur uniform if u forgot ur kit.
Rikudou26-30, M
@Thingschange4444 Ah I see. So you would have found it more preferable to do it in your underwear than in your uniform?
Thingschange444451-55, M
@Rikudou Nah
Adamski2441-45, M
I remember them days too.
It was only a few times I forgot thankfully as I stopped wearing underwear around the age of ten years old.
Rikudou26-30, M
@Adamski24 Lol, that would have sucked if you had forgotten your kit and you weren't wearing underwear. Could your schools actually legally make a student go naked? I've read some stories here where the student had to go topless and in underwear (and it was a girl too).
Adamski2441-45, M
@Rikudou yes fully nude for us a lot of us were/are nudist so no cared or took any notice. In the end, the school just let us do it nude in the end and use both locker rooms as mixed.
I don't know how we got away with it.
I don't know if it being a private school made the difference
SunshineGirl36-40, F
Yes, I know of a girl who always got picked upon and her kit was regularly hidden when she needed to do PE 馃槙
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