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Modern educayshun

Funny yet scary stuff...

I wonder if this cast of characters were gone after for their satire on current education? ( Australia?)
No doubt there were those who were taken aback by this skit, and must be in an uproar. Upon leaving their “ safe spaces” they’ll go out and rail on this, I’m sure.
I remember how President ( then) Obama praised the D.C. school system while shuttling his daughters off to elite private schools. But all our leaders do that with their offspring. Get them a world class education while touting a failing system in education.
And it is not hard to see the dread in many left wing, progressive liberals who are in dire terror of charter schools aimed at helping minority students do something union teacher run public schools fail abysmally at… educating their students.
PatKirby · M

Exactly. Hussein Obama and the left ignore how the public school system has been failing for years. And when it comes to charter schools, they've been demonized by the left when what they do is provide top education that ensures your child is well equipped to compete at higher levels. Compare the educational quality with the public school system which is a train wreck designed to teach your kids to remember rules, do what they're told, obey and keep their mouths shut. No critical thinking skills necessary.

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