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I Hate The Education System

Americas education system has always sucked . 40 hours a week spent in classrooms ,teaching for the only purpose of taking tests ...pffftt ... Little minds being fried because of the stress put on them at such a young age ...not enough playtime ,not enough outside time ....pssa tests that do not benefit children in the slightest but to only get more funding for schools tests and more tests ....test taking to this extreme at such a young age does nothing positive for children ........ There's a reason children in Europe aren't diagnosed with adhd , it does not exist there . There's a reason why European schools do better than American schools .....America needs to get on board with Finland . There's a reason they are number one in the world with education .
hunkalove · 61-69, M
I think school exists mostly to train kids to get up and go to a job they hate for 30 years so the rich can get richer.
Cierzo · M
As a teacher, I really agree with you. Sadly this is the road we are taking in Europe too.
In my country students did only take national exams at the end of our counterpart to your 12th grade (18 years old). Next year also 10th graders will have to go through exams too.
I don't think the Finnish model could work everywhere. Every country has a different culture. But certainly more tests and stress is not the way to improve our systems
Ugh ...most likely ...
Elegy · 46-50
Adhd exists js.
tenente · 100+, M
America needs to hit the reset button

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