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Current state of affairs in my life. Sitting on kitchen floor trying to throw wadded up paper balls into waste basket.

I am getting super excited when I make it. Think maybe boredom has overcome me.
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Degbeme70-79, MVIP
I should try this since I can`t do fuckall else. 馃槄
swirlie31-35, F
This isn't about me goliathboy, this is about you and your abusive mentality.

If you want to flag your screenshot, you go right ahead! I've already flagged every abusive post you've made to your bum-buddy Deg and I've already flagged your harassing posts that were made directly to me. So those posts of your's, not mine, are points of contention which violate the rules of conduct required by this website that you'll eventually have to answer for. And I can assure you Mister goliathboy, that I won't have to ever answer for a deleted post, screenshot or not! You can shove your limp-wristed screenshot right up Deg's sorry ass as far as I'm concerned, you pathetic little capon!
Degbeme70-79, MVIP
@swirlie Please do remember them.
swirlie31-35, F
I implore you to do the same, Deg.
When you're ready for a challenge turn on an oscillating fan. Not speaking from experience or anything though...
@SooperSarah *goes get fan*
Been there鈥 done that 鈥. Not as good as you tho 鈥 missed most of them鈥
@Soossie i practiced lol
[b]if its that bad Becks, try this..,[/b]

@eyeno mastered.

I havd mouth skills
[b]LOL, you naughty..,[/b]

@eyeno LMAO

I was about to say...then...nevermind lol
Ambroseguy8051-55, M
But鈥. Are you naked? 馃槒
Ambroseguy8051-55, M
@Bexsy asking the questions that SW truly wants to know. 馃槒
ineedadrink51-55, M
Wow, you are far gone. Must have all that junk food you bought before. 馃榿
@ineedadrink that milkshake yesterday. Was a slippery slope I went down
ineedadrink51-55, M
@Bexsy Well, they are fun. 馃槈
@ineedadrink 馃槍
I've done it
pdockal56-60, M
DunningKruger56-60, M
Did you get locked inside a bunker or something?
@DunningKruger actually..suddenly sleepy. Hmm. Power of suggestion?
DunningKruger56-60, M
@Bexsy Watch the swinging watch. I have you under my control....
why dont you watch a movie with your daughter
@alltherightquestions she's not home
@Bexsy ok what else can you do?
NudasPriest46-50, M
I assume you've alphabetized your book shelves? 馃槣
@NudasPriest but of course! How else would they be? 馃槢
iamonfire69636-40, F
How many baskets did you get in a row lol
@iamonfire696 in a row..i only got 6..but. for me that's good lol
iamonfire69636-40, F
@Bexsy I think that鈥檚 pretty good. Don鈥檛 sell yourself short.
This message was deleted.
@Ididntevenknowhewassick I'm actually getting pretty good. Kinda proud of my paper ball abilities..
@Ididntevenknowhewassick 馃ぉ shiny! I'll be the belle of ..uh work this evening

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