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I Get Migraine Headaches

My physician started me tracking my headaches. I am a little ambivalent about it. Although the migraines rarely affect my ability to work.....( yes, I am grateful )I have had a migraine for 21 of the past 30 days. I don't record the ones the seem insignificant...... if I did.... I doubt I've been headache free over the past month. I never realized how much time I spend in pain of one degree or another.

I have a friend who also has migraines, but she claims she cannot work, constantly in debilitating pain..but she can claim a pain level of 8 and go to sex clubs. ( she's bullshit),,,,,, which is to say I don't often complain because people like her are jerks and make the rest of us look like we're faking.

I am so tired of this. I wiah someone would understand and get me some relief.
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gluten. I have seen quite a few people i know stop their migraines from cutting out gluten.
@PinkPowerRanger That is one thing I haven't tried yet. I suppose that's one more thing I can do.
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Migraine Headaches
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