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Can I get approved for disability even though I just recently got diagnosed?

With diabetes and degenerative disk disease
Viper · M
First off, I don't have a clue,.and it depends.on where you are in the world.

But in the U.S., from what I've heard, the disability system sounds inconsistent, and you have to check in your local area, as all areas are different in how relaxed or tough they are.

Sounded like one lawyer in West Virginia guaranteed to be able to get you it, and turns out he was simple bribing the judge and getting like 98% of his cases approved, which is unheard of.

Which based on that, it sounded like it all depends on what a judge in your area will say, based on the information, that you and the doctor and lawyer give them.
Depends on what country you are in. In my country your Dr needs to fill paperwork to confirm Dx, to say all treatments have been tried and this is as good as it gets and the condition is now stabilised. It is not easy to get and I am not sure degeneration of your spinal disc alone will be enough.
RoxClymer · 41-45, M
you have to prove you need it, and this new/fresh it's harder, unless you can organize a history but I would start now, and get some sort of backing/guidance, because it's a long process
I don't know what degenerative disk disease is but you can't get it for having diabetes.

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