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I Have A Disability But I Am Not Disabled

I am deaf in my left ear and have under normal hearing in my right. My hearing aid got lost and this year I had a slight decline in what's left, which dropped my hearing in my only ear to below normal levels of what ppl can hear.
It's become stressful at work. And life in general. I'm exhausted from the extra mental work daily trying to listen to people and pay attention to my environment.
My son has a speech problem and is starting therapy to correct it in a week, but he n I both get frustrated with bad communication. I wish I could have a normal conversation with my son.
At work, I'm a caregiver for elderly clients, and I travel to their homes. Im realizing how much of an extra strain my job is with or without the hearing aid. Many of my clients talk soft, and I usually have to be three feet from someone with them facing me to avoid not hearing them, but these seniors I have to be super close, repeatedly ask, "what?" And three of my clients complain to me about my hearing, getting frustrated themselves.
I'm super stressed suffering fatigue and even headaches with much anxiety about going to work or finding a different job.
iamnikki31-35, F
Wow. Im sorry about that. That sounds very frustrating. I would call the insurance people to see if theres anything they can do,even though it hasn't been 5 years... They should be able to do something. I mean, what is insurance for then if you cant use it when you need it?? 馃槗
Gomer6951-55, M
So you aren't able to replace the one you lost or upgrade to something better????
Gomer6951-55, M
NOBODY likes to be yelled at and they should have more empathy and compassion for you and your problem! Not feel sorry for you but understand it's not your fault and you're doing your best!
Gomer6951-55, M
I'm so sorry that you have to deal with that from co-workers!!!!
Starkizzed2131-35, F
@Gomer69 there's a lady I care for whom is very demanding. She'll tell me to fold her laundry and then interrupt that with demanding I bring her something or whatever that can wait. If I am assertive about it she gets really angry and she literally is like "now now do It NOW" like a drill Sargent. She's the hardest about my hearing. I'm not a good match for these ppl if I cause them more frustration in their lives as a caregiver it seems.
Mert535641-45, M
I have epilepsy myself and trouble fully understanding things at times. I might need someone to repeat what they said in order to fully comprehend it.
Virgo7961-69, M
That makes things a pain.
You need a new hearing aid to help.
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Gomer6951-55, M
@LvChris ok sorry
greenmountaingal70-79, F
@LvChris I've been fightin tinitis for two years now. I really hate it and doctors says there is nothing that they can do for it.
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