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BREAKING via ALEX BERENSON: New Chinese Study Shows that More than Four COVID Jabs Produced Near Complete Collapse of Immune System in Mice

China researchers in Wuhan testing their viruses on mice.

Alex Berenson warned earlier today that he had information on a new study that would end ALL BOOSTER SHOTS immediately.

There’s a new paper.

It’s bad.

How bad?

I’ve shown it to two physicians so far.

One said he “had a seizure” reading it.

The other said something worse.

— Alex Berenson (@AlexBerenson) January 18, 2023

On Wednesday night Alex Berenson posted information on a new study from China that shows four COVID jabs can send the immune system into complete collapse.

[i]For all you science bitches out there - send the immune system into complete collapse = bad[/i]
AbbeyRhode · F
Horrible. Yet some will continue to deny the truth till the day they die.
MarineBob · 56-60, M
But fraudi made nearly 15 million bucks off the plandemic
Carissimi · 61-69, F
This is why the vaccinated are not only being hit with multiple covid infections, but their immune system can’t handle other infections either. A common cold could kill them if their immune response is compromised.
Thinkerbell · 41-45, F
This is indeed alarming... [i]if true.[/i]

But before I believe anything from the Wuhan lab (or NIH, for that matter), I would want to see confirmation from disinterested third-party countries, if any such exist.

This Wuhan paper is just the sort of thing the CCP would love to use to spread panic and confusion in the West.
Thinkerbell · 41-45, F

We have here a paper by a scientist from the Wuhan Virology Lab, which has been under extremely tight control by the CCP ever since the pandemic started. Evil or not, no scientist there would dare make a peep without CCP approval.

I know one unvaccinated person that probably died of Covid. (not certain if it was Covid or a pre-existing co-morbidity; he was 86 years old)

I know about a dozen vaccinated people who have gotten Covid, none of them seriously.

I know no one who got deathly ill after getting the shots.
Carissimi · 61-69, F
3-years ago, certain doctors in the west were silenced for saying that for every “vaccine” (and its not actually a vaccine) it will compromise the immune system. This is not new news. It’s just that it’s getting out there now. @Thinkerbell
Thinkerbell · 41-45, F

I'm not saying it's NOT true, I'm just saying I have no confidence in the source.

As for the other doctors in the west, I would have to know their credentials and whether or not they got any funding from China.
therighttothink50 · 56-60, M
Go to rebel news and you will find an incredible 6 minute interview with pfizer CEO getting "grilled" with real questions.
bowman81 · M
Which vaccine did they test, the Chinese vaccine? The Russian Vaccine? Phizer? Moderna?

There are currently over 30 vaccines developed and being administered for Covid 19. Which one(s) did the CCP test?

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