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I Wonder If I Have Coronavirus / Covid19

This is from my friend who is a paramedic. ...

Aright, some info to stay healthy and in no particular order. The Coronavirus stays alive on hard surfaces and clothing for hours. So keep surfaces clean and wash clothes after you have been out immediately. WASH HANDS CONSTANTLY. Wash hands for min of 20 seconds making sure to get EVERYWHERE including in between fingers with an antibacterial soap. Remember, hand sanitizer is used only when soap and water is not available. So when you actually can wash with soap and water, DO IT. Using a hand sanitizer right after washing your hands is useless. REMEMBER, if you have been touching things like a grocery cart, your steering wheel, pushing buttons like at an atm, etc, DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The virus does not like the warmth. Drink warm liquids and especially water, no ice, constantly throughout the day, every 15 min if you can. The virus starts in the throat, so by drinking it regularly you will wash it down to your stomach where the acids will kill it. When the virus sits in your throat it can travel to your lungs via your trachea where you will get an infection. This is where trouble breathing starts and can lead to pneumonia. A simple test you can do every morning is take a deep breath and hold for 10 seconds. If you can hold it without coughing, you probably do not have the virus. Take your temp in the morning and at night. The Corona Virus starts as a sore throat typically, cough, fever, and then trouble breathing. You can have GI issues but is rear. The Virus does not result in a runny nose, congestion, or cold like symptoms. Cover your nose and mouth whenever you cough or sneeze with the bend in your elbow. Hope this helped. I gave you this info because they say the worst is coming up, so protect your self.
The world health organisation and many others acknowledge that a runny nose can indeed be a symptom in a minority of cases.


[quote] However, Kalpana Sabapathy, a clinical epidemiologist at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine told BBC Future drinking water doesn’t kill coronavirus.

Ms Sabapathy explained infections often begin after we’ve been exposed to thousands or millions of viral particles, so sweeping a few down the oesophagus is unlikely to have much of an impact.

She said: “One gaping hole in it is the likelihood that you managed to flush all of them down into your stomach.

“You would probably have already got them in your nostrils by then, for example – it’s not fool proof.”

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