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I Have Something To Say About Coronavirus / Covid19

At this time, the bottom expected number of deaths for Yankee ppl is 100,000. If left unchecked as many as 2 million may die. We are in a time of unparalleled fear and apparent hopelessness. But at this time. I feel the best thing to do is to continue to stay safe and to Pray to God and Jesus for this all to end.

We all have different backgrounds and we all have different believes. I respect and appreciate all of the vast cultures we have here online and in our world. Each people group and every ethnicity and every corner of the world has added amazing and wonderful things to the tapestry of humanity. And these differences should be celebrated. ALWAYS. One of those difference is in who we believe in or who you do not believe in: Who exactly is our God? Since this is a sensitive topic for many, if this concept makes you uncomfortable. Feel free to leave this page, I mean no offense.

But in this most critical of times, I am reminded of one thing: I am not powerful. I am not the end all. And neither is any one of us. Or any of us in humanity. We all are endowed with the gift of live and we all know that that gift eventually disappears as all good things pass away. As someone with Asthma who is fearful of this Virus, I am strong and confident in my Faith in Jesus Christ. If this virus dooms me to die soon. I know I was just doomed to die some point later anyway. But because of the sacrifice of Jesus, that he died as a substitute for us, even if I face physical death. Eternal life will be to follow.

A lot of people know of the church, many know about our bible. Plenty know about who Jesus was. But of them, only few know WHO Jesus is and what his ministry was about.

Jesus is loving
Jesus is kind.
Jesus is accepting
Jesus is humble
Jesus is inclusive.
Jesus is alive
Jesus is King.

There are complaints with this I can understand. Christians can be narrow minded. Even discriminatory. Even hateful. Even murderous. Even evil. And that is true for a lot of people. Many who claim to follow our faith, live it out as enemies of anyone who they do not understand or anyone other than themselves. IN this many have traded the love of God for legalism and piety disguised as righteous and have abused the language of love to Enforce their own agenda. Many Christians see this. We hate this and we trust that God will soften their hearts every day. But if I can change the mind of some of you on one idea its this: Don’t Judge God by the failures of the church: I know there are many, I have many personally too. But Judge God on the Goodness of Christ.

Another misconception is that to be a Christian you have to become Conservative, brainwashed, Straight-laced people: That Since that is what a lot of Christians act like that is how you must be. That is not true at all. I know Christians who go to punk/metal rock shows/ I know Christians who like South Park and Rick and Morty/ I know Christians who are Socialist/ I know Christians who drink wine and dance. Being a Christian does not mean throwing your life away, its to find completion in it.

If you wish to begin, seek out the Gospel or Good news stories of Jesus. The Gospels of Mark and Luke show Jesus’s deeds and focus on his love, actions and humanity. If you seek more, Read Romans or First John. They show How we should live as Christians.

Lastly, Will praying assuredly stop this curse on us and our world. I do pray everyday that this virus will cease. And that no more suffer. I will pray this tonight and pray it until it is gone. But part of God being God is He is not our Genie. We do not command Him for our wishes. So what is the point? What is the hope and goal of having faith? Why believe in one who Governs in heaven, when we can rule for a little while down here? The answer is simple: Earth is just not worth it.

Hopefully this virus will pass, hopefully, our lives will continue in peace and prosperity. In that we will experience love, acceptance, community, self esteem and all good things we know we are entitled to on this earth. I hope you all have grand experiences on this planet and live life abundantly. But I would not for all the power on earth, for combined youth and years of all humanity, for all the superpowers I could think of, and for all the riches of our physical Universe, Not for all of that, would I give up my hope and promise of just being a simple citizen in the eternal Kingdom of God. Thats because this physical universe is Flawed and temporary while the eternal Kingdom is perfect and everlasting. Heaven is not something just for the 1% or the “in-crowd” or for the “elite” the “pious” or whatever you feel like you could never be. But rather God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten Son. And whoever believes in him will not perish. But will have everlasting life. That life is for ALL people it is open to ALL people the only issue is will we love him the way he loved us. And while physical death IS a certainty, So is eternal painless, and joyful life in Jesus’s name. It does not mean we have to be saints overnight. But rather we are called to sainthood. we just need to follow.

I pray for your health and that of your loved ones. That this virus end and your lives and livelihoods are restored.
I generally stay out of posts under “spirituality and religion”, but as this was not posted there...I imagine a lot of religious people have contracted the virus in spite of their piety, and died, just the same. If a vaccine comes into being before more people die, I might reconsider my cynicism, but as a good friend said, when told to “trust God” about this virus:

“Which [b]one[/b] ? The same omnipotent god who couldn’t prevent it from happening ?” 😞
religion has directly killed more people than this virus ever will.
so i'll take my chances with covid, thanks.
NigelDoes · 56-60, M
Yankee people? Couldn't you have just said Americans?
daisymay · 46-50, T
[quote]And these differences should be celebrated. ALWAYS.[/quote]

Oh, were you being serious?


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