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Oh God I ate the whole thing.....

Two chicken thighs cut out bone and cut up
1/2 of a ripe, red tomato
One cup of diced yellow onion
Two cups of shredded lettuce
One packet of Ken's ranch dressing

Yeah I should have taken the picture before I started eating on it but as you could imagine that bowl was quite loaded all together about 600 calories for the whole thing.

So now I'm going to sit here for the next two and a half to 3 hours, cursing myself for eating everything in the bowl, at least I didn't eat the bowl. Oh by the way somethibg I found out today.

If you take romaine lettuce dice it up really good put it in hot water not boiling, just hot water let it soak for 10 to 15 minutes pull it out, then drink all of water you will be snoozing in 20 minutes it's called lettuce opium.

Romaine lettuce is the best one to use for this, have a peaceful night. 2 cups only.
Why can't you just eat 2 cups of lettuce?
Disgustedman · 61-69, M
@Spoiledbrat because you have to extract the natural chemicals out of the romaine lettuce. It's like having whiskey and instead you end up with a whiskey Coke so you reduce the power of the whiskey in getting you drunk. So it's best to do it that way.

The objective of this study was to investigate the sleep-inducing effect of lettuce varieties and the extracts derived from romaine lettuce on pentobarbital-induced sleep. Romaine lettuce had a higher lactucin content (red romaine: 361.50 µg/g of extract, green romaine: 1071.67 µg/g of extract) compared to the green and red lettuce varieties. The seed and leaf extracts derived from romaine lettuce induced an increase in the sleep duration at low and high doses respectively. The seed extract of romaine lettuce showed higher content of polyphenols, including caftaric acid, chlorogenic acid, and chicoric acid, compared to the leaf extract. The IC50 value of the leaf extract for its DPPH radical-scavenging was significantly less (0.11 mg/mL) than that of the seed extract (0.21 mg/mL) (p < 0.05). Romaine lettuce is an interesting and valuable source of sleep potentiating material and contains antioxidant phenolics that protect from the oxidant stress caused by sleep disturbance.


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