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A true dating killer for any single dad of school age (or younger) children in his 40's onwards

"All kids are over 18" probably also usually extended with "Does not want children".

That is all that needs to be said. Dating will not happen. Period. Single dads in the 40+ age range with school age (or younger) children cannot date most/any/all women in the 40's onwards because of this.

Also nearly all single women in the 40+ age range *with* school age (or younger) children do not want single dads in their 40's and up with school age children.

It's like being a dedicated single dad is seen as a negative quality in a man.
Huh, my sister in law is nearly 41 and my brother is 36. They have two small children aged 5 and 3. If they split up they would be looking for the people you said they wouldn’t want to date?
zonavar68 · 51-55, M
@Gingerbreadspice That's different to being 10 years further on. I'm 55, my ex (in fact both of them) are nearly 50. First ex is married - second is (like me) still single (as far as I know). Second ex has only one child - our almost 7 y/o daughter. I have three adult kids as well. Women in their 50's don't date a single dad with a school age child going on what's happened since I left my second ex in 2018.
@zonavar68 Okay. Thanks for your feedback. It’s amazing how it changes in less than 15 years. It’ll be strange to me to date a guy with a grown up child but at 38 I’m just about old enough to have grown up child myself but I’m not a mother and my niece and nephew as it stands are mere toddlers.
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zonavar68 · 51-55, M
@Jimbo1 No I haven't and being in Australia going to places like that is out of the question in terms of affordability. Nearly all the rejections I get are around my family situation even though sometimes the rest of the response is pretending to be positive. Women in their 40's up want men in their 40's to be single, with no kids, and be 100 pct available to them 24/7.

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