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I Love India And Indian Culture

I love my culture but sometimes it takes away freedom
Mona86 · C
Aaaand Gandhi wasted his time??
Mona86 · C
@Indianwife Mahatma Gandhi, aaaand is and
Indianwife · 26-30, F
@Mona86 why you saying that mahatma gandhi ji wasted his time
Mona86 · C
@Indianwife because Gandhi fought for the freedom, you're complaining about.
Its just another shithole country
Indianwife · 26-30, F
@thedarkside ok then post in your area
@Indianwife I did
wintersecret · 41-45, M
@thedarkside Respect every country first... that the Culture we were thought
I have been to India!...Bangalore, Bombay (Mumbai) and KodaiKanal!...India is beautiful!...Most of the people are friendly!...I did enjoy my stay there!...🙂
That's true, sometimes it happens in every other culture, Western is more open, we are more closed. That's life ☺️
wintersecret · 41-45, M
it's not freedom taken away but some mentality in the family need change
Indianwife · 26-30, F
@wintersecret yeah family and society too
lovelyguy143334 · 31-35, M
That's really true dear,and so tough for amarred wife,I mean they have to obey so many rules
Khenpal1 · M
hard not to like , but you can't compere if you haven't lived elsewhere
I totally understand...very little freedom to be ourselves...
Indianwife · 26-30, F
@SW-User yup
Armaan · 36-40, M
I understand but there the fun of doing things secretly
Tukudo · 41-45, M
What kind of changes happening in your life?
Skilllickous · 51-55, M
Hey beautiful one. PM me please love to chat with u 😘
It has some major issues that need resolving.
bhatjc · 46-50, M
That it does. but just be you girl. Be wild and free
Tukudo · 41-45, M
Which state you are from?
Newfound · 41-45, M
I like curry

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