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Afghan women protesting Taliban rule

But not just the women in Afghanistan but around the world as well. Afghan women have taken to sharing photos of themselves online wearing traditional Afghan dresses to stand against the Taliban's hijab mandate and their claims that it is traditional Afghan clothing for women.
It's refreshing to see true feminism at work and on such a large scale.
Vivaci Best Comment
It’s really sad how their own rulers are terrorizing them with guns. How backward...
No use protesting against hooligans, Carver. They’re suppressed and they will stay like this for another 200 yrs. 😕 [@1193712,DarkCarver]
[@372543,Vivaci] I disagree, but that's all I'm going to say.
I hope you’re right...😕[@1193712,DarkCarver]

And the men are such pussies. They had $ billions worth of arms and training and turned chicken shit and ran when the Americans said we're leaving. If Afghani women hate the Taliban..........they ought to hate their pussy BF's, husband and brothers that ran away to let them come under Sharia rule.
[@1193712,DarkCarver] If they can't blame their own do they get the nerve to blame who their men let run over them....with no arguments at all?
[@539720,anythingoes477] I have nothing more to say.
[@1193712,DarkCarver] Really.........who else could you say? The men ran...the people will suffer from that. When you make the choice to make ur own bed.......everyone else is forced to sleep in it.
change is coming
you can't stop it
DeluxedEdition · 22-25, F
[@1077581,paperlace] change is needed
When the world’s focus on Afghanistan, the Taliban and the plight of women there finally ebbs, there’s a good chance that these demonstrations will not occur. Very likely the Taliban wants to put on a good face and hope they will get what they want from the rest of the world.
After that, who knows?
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🥺 You know I wish women live, feel safe, and enjoy life wherever they are in the world.

So thank you for BC. Means a lot...😘🤗
Adogslife · 61-69, M
Hopefully they live to see the benefits of their protests. Somehow I doubt it. 😕
[@397348,Adogslife] Whatever happens, so long as they never stop fighting. Even if it must be passed on to future generations.
Jean48 · 70-79, F
The Taliban want to return to mediaeval ways - by using modern arms. Amazing how selective they are
smexy · 22-25, F
The new Taliban government is a homo's paradise.
[@487686,smexy] What does that even mean?
DeluxedEdition · 22-25, F
i love this

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