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A sneak peak of my abs

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@Rose0013 like ceralguy said made u look馃榾
cerealguy26-30, M
@Lilnonames why's it lookin at the camera like that 馃槀
@cerealguy she cat o tonic

I was curious about the joke you would have posted, but I forgot about it being a trap. 馃が
@Classified He didn't mark the nudity - again, either...
RoxClymer41-45, M
I was waiting to see a pack of dinner rolls
Sticks don't have abs, silly!!! 馃え馃え馃え
pride4931-35, M
iamonfire69641-45, F
Haha I knew it wouldn鈥檛 be your abs. 馃ぃ
cerealguy26-30, M
@iamonfire696 you know meeeeeee
Let's goooo :3

Never lewd *__*
G-rated plz
iamonfire69641-45, F
@cerealguy I do know you 馃┓

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