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Man, I take it y'all done blocked yaselves and muted yaselves :v

Ain't nobody listening

Tryna only hear and see what they wanna see

No conversations, no more controversial questions to get people thinking

No open minds 馃槳
Where y'all at

What time of community is this? :v
If ur struggling and here to unwind and build yourself, then I get that (I advise only venting here and not really asking questions to build yourself too much, unless you have it in you to just ignore the nonsensical responses)

But if you're here to talk or post, what the blimey days is you are be doing here? :v
U so quiet

Behave v_v
Say something
Anything ;-;
It's so quiet
What do you consider the most interesting and controversial questions?

I'm willing to have a go at engaging with you in an open minded exploration.
@hartfire remind me to come back in the morning
It is late right now for me. I like this though 馃槃
@sexyjigsaw I'm in Australia, Eastern Standard Summer Time.
I have no routine about when I'm on here.
You could message me privately and I'd reply.
Or we could try to work out time zones and make a time to chat directly.
@hartfire no need, I just reply whenever I get online too bro

[quote]What do you consider the most interesting and controversial questions? [/quote]

But yeah, to me, controversial questions would be:

For people under the LGBT community banner (truly should be called the sexual revolution banner at this point instead of lengthening it to QI2A++), would you abandon or stop supporting the LGBT if it was all an agenda, planned and schemed step by step and if it was true that you cannot be born with a sexuality?

For religious folk, if you haven't already, how come you haven't read or studied the scripture that you believe in? If you haven't listened to it or heard it all at least once, what is the message for?

For antitheists, atheists, and agnostics, how can any of you claim superiority to religious folks because you 銆妔upposedly銆 question your beliefs but I never hear the following questions:
1. Is constantly increasing individual freedom actually good?
2. Could the sexual revolution be an error?
Etc. I got plenty more that I never heard tbh

And tbh, I can produce a lot of other seemingly controversial questions 馃憖
But these are the biggest questions and I find people will die before they even allow someone to have an opinion other than theirs sometimes on these
Nebula41-45, F
@Nebula oh I see
I'm feeling kinda like a formula one engine :v
You know what I'm saying

You know when they're revvin it up and preparing to start SCREECHING dem tires and start riding fast gurl? Das ME right now gurl 馃槫

Boutta get the heck up after a morning of sleeping in and imma go GET IT >:v

You know what I'm saying? I'M HIM!!!



Oh man, we gon get some stuff done toDAY
Nebula41-45, F
@sexyjigsaw get it! I wish I was feeling like that, hahaha.
@Nebula gurl, you boutta get it v_v
Tomorrow, get the heck up and GET IT

It's all you
Zonuss41-45, M
I agree. The era of [b] reserved [/b] has taken over this site. People are afraid to be real. Afraid to be open. Afraid to be honest and sincere. It's a [b]chess[/b] game now. Too many here making the wrong moves only to set themselves back even more. But thank goodness there are a [b][b] chosen [/b][/b] few who have risen above the pettiness and the politics of it all. Long live [b]SW. [/b] 馃檪
@Zonuss I dunno what people set themselves back with 馃槳
Zonuss41-45, M
By the way...all [b] races [/b] have flaws.
This post is an oxymoron.
@Zonuss wait, what? ,_,
Politics threatens the war project.
This is privately owned.

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