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trudeau is annoying with immigration

We were 36 millions canadians a few years ago, now we're 38 just because of immigration.

and trudeau says that quebec should welcome 110 000 immigrants every year.

I mean we dont need additional people,
Northwest · M
And what First Nation do you come from?
JennySW18 · 18-21, F
@Northwest Best answer.
JennySW18 · 18-21, F
Have you seen the labour shortage many industries are facing? Yes we do need additional working aged people.
Seb2357 · 31-35, M
@JennySW18 That is a well educated explanation.
chrisCA · M
Canada's population is aging. Without increasing the workforce, it places a greater tax burden on working Canadians.
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And yet you'll be the first to complain that places need more menial labor. But you won't do it yourself. That is for the inferior of course.
PotatoGaga · 31-35, F
@canusernamebemyusername Canadian immigrants aren't there only to do menial labour though (not that there is anything wrong with doing it).
Canada isn't accepting everyone -. Human rights aren't acceptable. Canada is like as all the other failure nation people.
Ummm unless you are First Nations our entire country are immigrants. And I am guessing you have not looked up some of the basic vital statistics on Canada either like birthrates, the impact of immigration on crime etc.

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