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I Hate Werewolves

Be careful about your words. Although I am a wolf, therefore, higher up in the balance of power than the werewolves, they are still kin to me. Thye share half my blood, therefore they are worthy of my respect and worthy of my pack. I have nothing against vampires and your supposed war with the werewolves is truthfully unimportant to my kind. But I would prefer you keep your inner most thoughts about my kin to yourself. Perhaps you should get to know us better than just assume us all under one stereotype. To do so makes you no better than any human on this Earth.

As an addendum to this story, please take it with little seriousness. I was young when I wrote this, in mind at least. Perspectives change, and that is the nature of learning.
Drachona · 26-30, M
You assume too much, my friend. I'll admit up front that anger fueled my reaction to what you said. However, that doesn't mean I respect you talking down to my kind. You might as well be insulting my own family.

Now, I never said nocturnalwolf was innocent. Innocence really doesn't matter in this argument. I am friends with him because I agree with some of what he says, because he accepted me as a friend, and because he is akin to me. In truth, I do not, repeat, DO NOT feel that way about humans. Regardless of what humans in general have done to my kind for thousands of years, I have the maturity to put that behind me and offer peace. That is why I make as many human friends as possible.

And you imply that my intent is to make you "quake in fear". That wasn't my intention, I was simply giving you fair warning. Whether or not you feel scared doesn't matter to me. Also, you speak of nocturnalwolf as if he is me. If you have problems with him, speak with him directly. I am friends with him, but I'm not his secretary or partner in crime.

I try not to make enemies, but people like you make it difficult. For some reason unbeknownst to me, you just hate us. Regardless of nocturnalwolf's words, I do not speak the same things. When I was younger, I was more hostile, but I've better control of myself now and a better understanding of what is most wise. I don't know what werewolves did to you to make you so blinded by anger and fear, but I know it wasn't my fault and it most likely wasn't nocturnalwolf's fault as far as I know. I could easily sit here and list the many pains humans have brought me, my family, and my friends. I could mention what they did to my cousin, my pack, my sister, my mother, etc., but I won't.

Even if things you have experienced are just as bad as what I have experienced, at least one of us has the maturity to offer peace. After all, after what humans did, some werewolves took their revenge. And, since humans in general can dish it out but they can't take it, they took revenge on us. It became a pointless cycle.

I'm not asking to be friends with you. Considering what you call being non-prejudicial, I'm guessing you are a person who will not budge from what they think is right no matter what. Against all logic and common sense, you will not change your mind. If that is the case, then so be it. I threatened you and you threatened me in return. I'll offer peace right now, for what it's worth. Should you accept, we may simply go our seperate ways. Otherwise, I doubt very seriously a conversation is what we will have should our paths cross.
Drachona · 26-30, M
It's been a while since I last read the story for this "experience". And now I do remember how offended I was.

It's bad enough that the creator of this experience makes a judgement about werewolves (most likely from movies) and assumes they are all that way. But also, the concept of transforming on the full moon is incorrect and also not being able to control the shift. The moon can act like an "inspiration", almost like a quiet voice telling you to run into the dark and be free. And the shift can be hard to control at first only because the man and the wolf have not yet become one mentally; not to mention the pain is so horrid that most would fall to the ground and scream if they had but a small taste of it. It can be controlled though, it takes practice for the most part.

Also, one thing I can correct myself on from my original story is that wolves and werewolves are not so different. We are almost the same creature except that wolves achieve the final stage of the shift in which they are wolves whereas werewolves obviously achieve half the full shift (half-man, half-wolf). That aside, we are almos the same strange creature that humans attempt to deny.
Drachona · 26-30, M
To Alphawerewolf002, do not be so quick to attack others. It is unwise and it allows less time to think logically.

To Hellbillytracker, I do not understand your statement. The use of the word "hate" is certainly over-dramatic. As much pain as I have felt at the hands of others, I do not hate anyone. More importantly, I am not sure what you mean by "mutt". The concept of purity is a foolish one. No one alive is what one could classically define as pure in blood. This is proven in the fact that everyone is genetically different and we all have defects. Perfection does not exist because it is an invented concept. So too is the concept of "purity". I openly accept that I hold the blood of multiple different cultures. To even define the borders between those cultures and consider those borders somehow important is undoubtably human. There is nothing wrong with that. My point is that you speak quickly of things you know little about. This does not make you "stupid", just young. If you are open, you will look back on your old perspectives and see the foolishness in them.
Drachona · 26-30, M
Anyone can hold a grudge against anyone these days. Pretty much every species on the planet has had its hard times. Although, if we were to simply group together humans versus all other creatures, I think it's obvious who has endured more hardship. I, personally, have no bad feelings for vampires because I have never done anything bad to them and have never had them do anything bad to me. In truth, I barely know anything about them and I always seek new friends of any kind.

I could hold a serious grudge against humans and I once did, but I'm over that now. I realized that offering to be friends with your enemy takes more strength and maturity than being involved in a repetitive feud with them. Blood is easy to spill, while peace is always difficult to maintain, and I prefer a challenge.
Drachona · 26-30, M
There is no logical division. First of all, therian suggests any animal, not just wolves. Lycan is an unoffical term from the word Lycanthrope, which is in turn from the Greek for "wolf-man". Those who shift half-way and those who shift into a wolf-like form are not two different categories of wolves. To get to a wolf-like form, one must pass through the mid-point. Thus, anyone capable of reaching the wolf form could stop at any point, including the mid-point. Be careful what divisions you create and what information you believe. What you've presented is etymologically and conceptually flawed. Just be careful. There is a lot of incorrect and misleading information out there. Only a wolf knows the difference.
Drachona · 26-30, M
For fun. I've heard many excuses for it, but never one so basic. I can't imagine someone so disgusting that they would call murder of innocent men, women and children fun. But I suppose it doesn't matter much. It doesn't take a psychologist to know that someone who claims they are a killer most likely aren't. If you wish to kill anyone and end up in jail, most likely submissive to multiple rapists, feel free. I hope, however, that you see the childishness of your beliefs and desires.

I've learned not to get into pointless fights with ignorant people. I suggest any other logical person here do the same.
Drachona · 26-30, M
Feel free to find as many wolves as you want and kill them. Then, please take time to find me. I promise I would recreate their same pain on you time and time again, then let you die on your own. You are so quick to threaten something you don't understand, just like so many other foolish people. But if that is the path you walk, then expect no mercy from me should you ever threaten me in person.

I try to inspire peace, but I will not hesitate to rid the world of one more person too blind to see their own stupidity.
i am a werewolf therefor i was very disturbed and angerd by the lies that wher said
I totaly agree.....Ive never in my life met an actual werewolve, but you cant just stereotype someone just because a certain wolf you know doesnt have a thing such as self control. We ALL deal with it so props to you dude for standing up :) I would have done the same thing

P.S. sorry if this is long :)
Actually I've heard werewolves describe full wolf shifters and half shifters, werewolves are divided into two categories :

Therians: shift into complete wolves

Lycans: shift into half-man half-wolf
Drachona · 26-30, M
Done. However, I'm not exactly sure what the difference is between a favorite and a guru on this site.
I so agree! Nobody has any right to kill werewolves - what have they ever done wrong???!!!
faveorite is a friend guru is like u look up to them as a teacher
Drachona · 26-30, M
Ah. Thank you for helping me understand.
I'm not human and I hate mutts
**** you
Sovietwolf can you add me 2 ur circle
add me to ur circle
no problem

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