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I Believe In Werewolves

Why Werewolves Can Exist... The majority of people don't believe in werewolves. However, after multiple years of research, I've come up with two simple concepts that prove one cannot say werewolves don't exist, at least not if they want to be taken seriously. It may not prove werewolves exist, but it makes any evidence to the contrary invalid.

First, The Debunking Paradox:

"There are those who wish to try and prove that certain things (creatures, ob<x>jects or concepts) are or are not possible. In the case of creatures and ob<x>jects, one would be trying to prove that it does or does not exist. While, because of the Universe Example, trying to prove something impossible or nonexistent would be incredibly difficult, there are still those who may try to prove their beliefs. However, there is a brick wall that cannot be passed while trying to do so. The paradox of trying to prove something impossible or nonexistent is that the only way you could know what to disprove is if the creature, ob<x>ject, or concept existed. Were this the case, the entire argument that it is impossible or nonexistent would become pointless. For example, in the case of werewolves, one could try to prove whether or not the full moon can cause any being to physically transform into another shape. The modern belief is that the full moon causes werewolves to transform. Therefore, this person makes the assumption that, if they can prove the moon cannot cause such a transformation, then werewolves cannot exist. However, this is assuming that, if werewolves existed, the full moon is the actual cause of their ability to shift. The key phrase in the past sentence is “if werewolves existed”. What if the full moon has nothing to do with the transformation? This is a possibility and, if there is more than one possibility, then we cannot say one is right over the other. The only way we could know whether or not the full moon has anything to do with werewolves transforming is if they existed. If they existed, as said before, it would be pointless to try and state that they didn’t. In the end, the only thing the person would prove is whether or not the full moon can cause a being to transform. And even if they prove that it can, there’s still no guarantee that it applies to werewolves. Every story before Hollywood came into the picture says nothing about the full moon causing the transformation. Therefore, again, we cannot know whether or not the full moon has any sway on a werewolf unless werewolves existed. In summary, it is pointless to try and prove something impossible or nonexistent because of this paradox."

Second, the "Universe Example", which basically states that, because we cannot prove that something existing on this planet doesn't exist on others (yes, it sounds weird), we cannot say that the thing doesn't exist until we search every planet in the universe. Essentially, we can't say something is impossible or nonexistent until we've searched the entire universe and found no evidence of that thing's existence.

It's difficult to describe these concepts, but they are all that's necessary to debunk all claims that werewolves don't exist.

As for the paradox there isn't one saying .I mean logically I can say there isn't an engineer inside every black hole with a flash light trying to find a circuit breaker.Why because nothing can exist inside a black hole.The same with the human race the body would never be able to withstand a change.Also there would be no need for that evolution species evolve to increase there survival so instead of making it necessary for the body to change to another species it would just have a better species of human.

as for the universe example.It wouldn't be a werecreature because a were creature must transform from human to another species those creatures would not be in our solar system nor would they be human
Drachona · 26-30, M
I will not argue that your points lack science. They are scientific, but you are basing your understanding on a false conception of werewolves. This is the same problem that people run into when they try to disprove the existence of werewolves. If you do not know what is true, how can you know what to disprove? A lot of what you're saying is more just statement-making, not really arguing. And I am not trying to say that werewolves do not exist. My stance should be obvious by this post. However, you mention things like the governance of the transformation by the moon and returning to human form "when the sun comes up". This is assuming that time of day and moonlight really have anything to do with werewolves. Do they? Well, it does seem like there are slight connections, but neither of these factors control the transformation. So, you're trying to explain something that is not even very relevant. Your description of transformation is also not really a scientific one. It is just a description, not an explanation. When you're talking about physically shifting, you are looking at the specifics; change in genetic expression leading to a transition from human macro-biology to wolf macro-biology. Again, you are making many statements, but not really giving explanations. For example, why might werewolves heal faster? It is a relevant factor, but an exact explanation is still needed. You also mention having an extended life. This has not really been proven. Werewolves are not physically immortal, so then there are countless factors that go into life-span. Today, for example, we might factor in the stress of hiding amongst humans as something that decreases life expectancy. There are also the basic things like diet and exercise, which are much less predictable nowadays. Again, I am not trying to shoot down your argument or say that you are wrong. I am just pointing out that scientific explanation requires explanation. If you simply make a statement, you are doing no more than the people who say "werewolves don't exist". You have to actually make an argument. Just remember that this is not about proving people like Atheistwolf wrong, it is about seeking a scientific understanding of the subject that, if it is proven correct, will eliminate them from the discussion entirely.
But wouldn't it? I mean couldn't.
Like if everyone found out that what's clogging our drain pipes is because of a fierce battle between a brown turd, two red and green turtles, and look-alike red and green jumpsuit brothers of italian origin? Like a child in the womb. Parents fondle lovingly over the inherent possibility of their offspring even before knowing what gender it is, what life it'll choeose, and how it will live. Even before seeing the ultrsounds. In the worst case, during miscarriage or unexplained death circumstances, the parents will mourn what would have been something living or possible. What was and could've been. But that's just for dramatic effects. In this lesser case, it still stands as plausible with no evidenciary refutations from either sides (believer and non-believer).
Drachona · 26-30, M
Except there are two very important additions to that: first, arguments against the existence of werewolves are inherently unsupportable. And second, the existence of werewolves is not without support. People think that not having 100% solid, undeniable evidence is somehow equivalent to having none whatsoever. Spend a day in college, especially in a social science, and see how often "solid evidence" comes along. There is not an enormous amount of evidence for the existence of werewolves yet, but no one can deny historical and current events/claims/etc. that support the idea. Is it damning? No, of course not. However, if you do your research (I cannot stress that enough to everyone), there is a significant amount of evidence. I wish I could make it clearer to everyone that, before having a conversation about this, we should all do our homework. Otherwise, I welcome anyone who would prefer otherwise to keep their mouths shut.
werewolves could exist but my heavenly father does exist God made every living thing if they do exist it could be from the first human race that god created and maybe it survived after he killed off the 1st race when he had noah build the arc the other possibility is that God made the angels and they are in fact supernatural beings and when satan fell from heaven after losing to God he might of created a bunch of different monsters
Drachona · 26-30, M
I don't see why not. My basic point is that we do not know. Whether or not you believe in such things is irrelevant. The point is that you cannot disprove the existence of something because your argument requires evidence that the argument itself makes non-existent. You do not have to personally believe in werewolves or anything of the like, but what I am arguing here is logic, not opinion. I would welcome anyone to challenge me on these concepts. The only way I can improve them or see that they are flawed is if anyone actually comes up with other ideas. I have yet to see that, so for now my point still stands. This is not about morality or human-invented rules. Reality and the human sense of reality are two different things, divided only by our belief that we know and control our world or, even more ridiculously, the entire universe. We do not. Again, I welcome anyone to prove me wrong. I am open to any possibility. That does not mean I accept everything without question, as some seem to think is my position. Accepting that you do not know everything is not the same as being a gullible moron. A friend of mine phrased it rather well: (roughly) "It is good to be open-minded, but not so open-minded that your brain falls out."
not to disrespect your beliefs, but if a man in white robes in the clouds can exist, then why can't a were? again, no disrespect.
Drachona · 26-30, M
Scientifically, we cannot dismiss the possibility of either. I do not personally believe in the existence of gods. However, I cannot say they do not exist because I have no way of supporting such an argument. For werewolves, there is a significant amount of evidence, historical, physical, and claim-based. The dismissal of the possibility of werewolves first requires the explanation of a mountain of evidence to the contrary.
guys werewolf's do exist for a fact there is plenty of proof and I'm positive scientists around the globe know about them and are keeping it a secret from the general public because everyone would kill them :D and what this shit about shape shifters, werewolf's descended from dia-wolfs the dia-wolf was never a canine species' it was just one of the seven humanoid species' that became a wolf 'like' creature. how the hell is it possible to turn into a dia-wolf? a normal homo-sapiens can develop 2 strands of DNA werewolf's just evolved to change the second set! they are genetically known as chimeras. I can say a lot more.... but its all very hard to explain but there ou go people the origins of the werewolf species... why am I telling you this? because its not like anyone is going to take it as a fact :D goodbye
Drachona · 26-30, M
The moon doesn't make beings angry. Whatever bizarre force the moon exerts affects beings in a spectrum; for some greatly affecting them, for some not at all, and a whole range of possible results. For one person, it could affect emotions in the form of love, for another person in the form of anger. It's unpredictable. The most noticeable origin of the connection of werewolves to the full moon is in Petronius' writings in his Satyricon. The idea was then used by movies and books as a good suspense-build in stories. "Oh no, it's half moon!" "Oh no, it's three-quarter moon!", etc. There has to be a source of power that causes the main character to "lose control". The moon is a good candidate seeing as it does noticeably affect living beings.
I came across this after watching Paranormal Witness Season 2 Episode 10. I consider myself to be a logical man but do not chain myself to the modern paradigm of what modern science claims is or is not possible, as I know we are a young species and have a lot to learn. Further more, I do believe anything is possible, and we can be very dismissive, especially the scientific community, as anything outside of mainstream science, is considered pseudoscience and subject to intense ridicule, which typically results in character assassination. Thank you for your thoughts Drachona, the truth is indeed stranger than fiction.
Drachona · 26-30, M
And sometimes fiction is made stranger to deter the curious. That is one thing few think about. Your words are true, and I thank you for the contribution. Humans are young, and science even younger. The reality is that science is designed for new information. The scientific method itself is a process of acquiring and interpreting observations. The only barrier to progress is the fear that people have of the unknown. That is why I have the perspective that, if such a subject bothers a person, they should not take the time to submit their opinion. Let those willing to put good effort into the search do the work.
I agree with this in total. There are many things that scientists today can still not explain. Things that completely throw them off. They believe that it is not physically possible for a human being to shapeshift, but how can they possibly know without solid proof that we can't? So many things that they try and prove right or wrong but sometimes it's just to complicated even for our minds to comprehend.

Anyway, why can't these other people have a bit of imagination?
Drachona · 26-30, M
Fear trumps almost everything else. Being afraid is natural, but many people are afraid to an irrational extent. Only once we understand the function of our fear, to keep us alive, can we more appropriately judge the threat of the unknown. There are those out there with more imagination. And, honestly, I would be fine if people were not more imaginative as long as they thought more logically. Being in college has shown me that the majority of current scientists immediately discredit supernatural or paranormal concepts. Forget a lack of evidence, they do not even take 5 minutes to think about it. No great scientific discovery or even the slightest advancement of knowledge started with close-mindedness and resistance; they all started with questions, curiosity, and a bravery that we are seriously lacking today. The unknown can hurt us; that is a fact. However, we cannot hope to progress or even live our lives without occasionally being in dangerous situations.
It pisses me off when people try to prove points on topics that dont apply to our modern lives. The people who wrote these legends were about as smart as the ancient bastards that believed every element of our earth had a god. Next time lets talk about a more important topic like were our country is heading with these fucked up corrupt leaders brainwashing us with untrustworthy stories on the media. I see werewolves in movies not real life. Btw fuck you drachona you judgmental prick. Deuces ppl
Drachona · 26-30, M
I am sorry that you apparently lack the ability to form mature conversations, be open-minded, or recognize that the subject we are speaking about is relative to the experience we are in. If, in the future, you feel the intense desire to express your insecurities and waste everyone\'s time, please do it elsewhere and leave such places as this to those who are willing to put effort and thought into their words.
Drachona · 26-30, M
I don't know this person and, truthfully, I don't know you. If you wish to keep this person from what she wants, that's your decision. I've never hurt anyone and my friends would attest to my kindness, but you would not know of that. Therefore, I understand why you are so quick to question me. All else I will say is this: if there is some destiny involved, it most likely cannot be stopped, especially when there is no justified reason to stop it.
Drachona · 26-30, M
As a bit of an explanation for anyone caring to read this, I am guessing that the comments I was responding to were deleted. Otherwise, it looks a bit odd.
I will not say i have done any search of past lore (as many call it) about werewolves. I have only read the stories of many who claim to be werewolves (again not invalidating their claim, just saying I cannot prove neither disprove this claim). However the moon controls the tides. It is a very powerful force on nature, especially when it is full, just ask any sailor. So for a human to say that a full moon can't change a being that is more sensitive or attuned if you will to everything around him, is crazy.
Your using because the name of god exists he must exist theory?
Drachona · 26-30, M
Could you please rephrase your entire comment. I have trouble understanding your, forgive the fact, poor grammar and phrasing.
Your saying without proof you'll always have possibility.
But that's everyone's proof for parnora.
Drachona · 26-30, M
I never said that possibility is proof. Possibility is possibility. Most people simply ignore possibility and say it is impossible, usually because they are too afraid to even consider it. I am not saying that possibility automatically makes something real, just that it makes it worthy of consideration by science. The problem is that most scientists do not even consider it.
Drachona · 26-30, M
I wouldn't say crazy. If someone denies what is logical or claims to know something when they don't, they are either stupid or in denial. And I do mean the exact definition of stupid. To be so is to be aware of something, but deny it to the point of ignorance. Otherwise, it is because they are afraid and unwilling to admit their fear. On a subject like this, the latter is more likely.
Drachona · 26-30, M
I'm sorry? We have neither talked nor met before. Why do you judge me so quickly? If I somehow offended you, I am sorry. This post was meant only as a logical explanation for why werewolves can exist. Nothing about it suggests insanity, and I have been proven sane through by-choice therapy a few years ago. I'm not sure what is so upsetting about this, but again, I am sorry if I offended you.
Essentially all your doing is applying Murphy's law to werewolves, as I have done myself many times to prove that I am a wolf.
Drachona · 26-30, M
I'm sorry, but who are you talking to? Also, what are we talking about that is "impossible"? Neither I nor Wolfofthewood made a statement about something being impossible. Actually, I was arguing against making claims that something is such.
I was talking about the story, must've clicked the wrong section XD so sry!
Drachona · 26-30, M
The story is mine as well. I think you misunderstood what I was saying. I started off by saying that "I've come up with two simple concepts that prove one cannot say werewolves don't exist". I am arguing against statements of impossibility, not making one myself, hence the title "Why Werewolves Can Exist".
Well, if i ever see one, i'll be sure to shove an AR-15 with a bump fire stock and a 30rnd mag of, 100% silver, high explosive incidiery rounds up its *** and just squeeze...... ;).......well only if it attacks me. If he/she didnt, then thatd be epic to, cause having a werewolf as a friend who could turn you would be DOPE!
Drachona · 26-30, M
I'm sorry you feel the need to make useless threatening statements. If you are joking, then clarify. Otherwise, waste your time elsewhere please.
I cannot tell you my name but I am a wolf and the moon has nothing to do with transformations it just makes us stronger faster hungrier its like a steroid we are not monsters but are killing machines if pissed off - unanimous
Drachona · 26-30, M
I know this is the case. I was using the full moon concept to make a point. It is a popular conception, but it cannot be proven relevant under the argument that werewolves do not exist. If you have read anything of mine other than this, you should know the level of my knowledge on this subject and its personal importance to me. You need not explain the nature of wolves.
Its amazing how you are a wolf and it'd be really cool if you could tell me whether or not you can make someone into a wolf that wasn't born that way, possibly me? I have always wanted to become a werewolf
Drachona · 26-30, M
Why would you want to become a werewolf?
I know for a fact that werewolves ARE ondeed real. I can answer all of the questions. Werewolves don't tell people because obviously we werewolves don't like being experimented on. Ot killed this we keep our existence a secret. But yes. Were wolves are real. I know because.... I am one and so is my pack.
With all that`s said and done - you don`t have a solid proof for their existence. Case closed.
Drachona · 26-30, M
I cannot tell if you are serious or trying, very poorly, to be funny. Either way, a werewolf is a shape-shifter. Distinguishing between the two is pointless since they are both one animal transforming into another (unless "true werewolf" somehow means something completely different). Also, the idea of using certain percentages of the brain is a confused one. Some would argue that we use all of our brains to function, which is true. What you are referring to is capacity. We do use our whole brain (not at one time), but it may be possible to gain access to a higher intensity of use. One could argue that higher intelligence is essentially having a "stronger" brain (comparing the brain to a muscle). So then, just as more becomes possible with physical strength when more energy is allotted, perhaps more can become possible for the brain with enough energy or enough "exercise".
oh please u nonbelievers are getting annoying .... I bet u someday someone is going to get proof that vamps and werewolves do excist and then u all will have to be nicer to all the people who knew they exsisted actually I think that im gonna try and find evidence so back off
Drachona · 26-30, M
Who are you referring to?
Drachona · 26-30, M
No, I didn't see it. Although, at one point in time, you mentioned someone being afraid to talk to me. I hope that whoever you're speaking of understands that I mean no harm. I'm not insane, and I try to be kind to those who allow it.
I think your logical stand-point in life is amazing and I to believe that anything can happen at any time. Thank you for this extraordinary article.
Drachona · 26-30, M
Thank you for your words. It is good to know that some do appreciate what I have to say.
last night i heard a wolf sound but i doesn't sound animal instead it sound human but i never heard sounds like thia before and i live in indonesia that means Wolves doesn't live here
Drachona · 26-30, M
I passed no judgement on you, I was only caught by surprise. However, I'm not unprepared for criticism or worse. On this topic, it's expected. I hold no grudge or anger towards you.
Thank you for believing! am not alone! whenever i ask my friends they think i'm stupid for believing in this stuff :(
Drachona · 26-30, M
Being a part of this means a life of dealing with people who either think you are crazy or think you are lying. Sadly, that is reality. One of the best ways to distinguish between those who tell the truth (or at least believe they are) and those who do not is that those who are lying will seem to thrive in that belief. Others will lament reality on occasion, not for being what they are, but for how the world treats them.
you are a good person and i like you for this post you made thank you message me if u want to
Drachona · 26-30, M
Thank you for your words. Do not take offense for me not messaging you. Honestly, I am used to being messaged. Contrary to how I may seem when I argue or debate, I am not much of a conversation-starter.
i think i am a werewolf
I am serious man
you think you are I'll tell you what its in my blood line i'm french and Irish but I was not given the gift or some may call it a curse and another thing is that their are good humans and bad ones so wouldn't the same be for werewolves. sorry for being so random
Drachona · 26-30, M
It is still on-topic, so it is not so random. Calling it a "gift" or a "curse" is a matter of opinion. The only real "curse" is how we are perceived and treated within the general society. Whether you try to change that or choose to remain within your own self-pity is something every person decides for themselves. Also, blood is a fluid, not the determinant of everything we are. A lot of people believe that what a werewolf is remains in blood or can be "transferred" through bite, but you cannot transfer behavior or psychology. You cannot transfer life-experience. It is someone you are, not something you have become. And yes, as with anything, there are those who are "good" and those who are "bad". To assume otherwise is to misunderstand the very nature of reality. I have already made my arguments about the problems with over-generalizing groups.
I believe in them. I should know . Sorry if I disturb you

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