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I Believe In The Rise Of Werewolves

For a long time I have questioned humans in their ways. I feel that certain things they do and beliefs they have are foolish. I know for a fact that there are good and loving humans out there, but they are drowned out by idiots and money or power-hungry destroyers. My family has long been affected by the horrific actions of frightened humans and so have I, time and time again. I've seen friends and family killed because of stupid rumors about our kind or because of a sad attempt at religious conquest. And now, in today's world, most do not evenbelieve in us. To even hint the possibility of werewolves is to be laughed at or even considered insane. All the deaths humans have caused to our kind have simply been swept under the mat and now they deny our existence. I know that there are many of our kind who keep it this way to protect them and their families, but I feel in my heart that it would be more dangerous to live in hiding than fight for the truth. If we expose ourselves, we risk our lives. But if we hide, we allow liars and idiots to reign over this world and continue to destroy it as well as kill many innocents of many species. There is little we can do alone, but together we can do unimaginable things.
Drachona · 26-30, M
I understand how you can say you don't believe. If someone were to simply look at the evidence, it would be logical to believe that they don't exist. And that is something I strive to change. Since I was 13, I have done research on werewolves (mostly sparked from the question of whether or not I was one). Over time, I have learned and discovered a multitude of things. And one thing that, sadly, is hard for many people to understand is that mass is another form of energy (as Einstein hypothesized). Because of a sort of mental "barrier" that humans have created in their minds saying that everything is impossible until proven possible, people are taught that they cannot possibly fly or run 100mph. Yes, they seem like fantastic things, but they are not so strange to me. Can I fly? No. Can I run 100mph? No. But the point is, it's possible. Anything is possible, and once you accept that, you can understand the concept of energy and mass as they truly are.

Imagine the body like a pile of clay. You live your life in one specific form, and you are taught to believe that you cannot, under any circumstances, change that form. However, in truth, you can mold the clay that is your physical form into any shape you like as long as you convince your subconscious mind that it is possible. So shifting is simply like a momentary deformation and reformation of particles. At first, you believe that your body cannot go through such a transformation without feeling intense pain. But eventually, you become so used to it that it doesn't hurt. Whether you realize it or not, you adapt to the ability of shifting your body's particles. It may sound strange, but one thing no one can doubt is the power of the human mind. The concept of placebo drugs is a perfect example. People who were supposedly given medicine to help them with certain ailments were actually given sugar pills. However, because they believed that it was a legitimate medicine and that it would work, they healed their ailments with their subconscoius mind.

Now, as far as having human parents and a child who is a wolf. That I am still investigating. Many believe that what we are is mostly within our spirits, not our bodies. But I cannot say for sure what causes it. I will tell you this though, I didn't choose to be what I am. This is not some psychological disorder (and as far as clinical lycanthropy goes, I have pretty much debunked it entirely). I did not start acting like a werewolf because I thought it was cool or because I was some kind of role-pla<x>yer when I was younger. Even my parents will admit that I have been different in fairly significant ways since birth. I have pages and pages of documented dreams, most of which involve wolves and other dark creatures, none of which I asked for or wanted to live with for the rest of my life.

I understand that you do not believe inthe existence of werewolves. You have every right because we have no proof of our existence that we would be willing to risk our lives to reveal. But I will ask that, no matter what you believe, you never side with those who say that we don't exist. Believeing we don't exist is one thing, claiming that you KNOW we don't exist is another.

If you search on whether or not werewolves exist, you will find the answer, "there is no proof to suggest that werewolves exist". This is true, but these are the words of a close-minded being. The fact is, there is no proof to suggest that we do exist AND there is no proof to suggest that we don't. So until I find the proof I seek, I cannot say that we do exist because I will not have the evidence to back up that claim. And until someone finds proof that we don't exist, no one can say that we don't.

I respect your opinion, and I wish you enlightenment.

Drachona · 26-30, M
Style of life? Most of us don't live in any special way. I know families of wolves who tend to hunt together or things of the like, but I don't do such things. Most of family is human so I tend to seperate from them naturally. But that aside, I live just as you do for the most part. I work towards a college degree while dealing with dating problems and learning to drive a car...simple things. I do tend to sneek out to the woods when I get a chance though. Sometimes the human world can be terribly overwhelming. I like to take walks or go on runs at night, but I haven't done too much of that since I got shot at by some random person. He didn't see me as far as I know, but he heard me howling.

Also, avalonleppard, I don't blame you for questioning it. Personally, I prefer that everyone believe that things such as werewolves are possible even if they don't believe it themselves. Those who jump out and say we are impossible truthfully are ignorant. You can BELIEVE that we don't exist because that's your personal opinion, but claiming that you know we don't exist is a very foolish act. To know for sure that werewolves do not exist, you would have to know everything in the universe. Otherwise, there is always the possibility that the truth lies beyond your knowledge. And if you can't do that, you would have to search the entire universe and NOT find proof of werewolves at all. That means searching every planet, star, comet, and asteroid from surface to core with your own eyes and a microscope (because not all evidence can be seen with the naked eye).

So, if you can't do that, you cannot say that we do not exist. You can, however, say that you believe we don't exist because that suggests opinion not knowledge.

Just know this avalonleppard: once you realize that mass is a form of energy, you realize that your abilities do not go only as far as physical limits allow.
Drachona · 26-30, M
I have shifted before, but it is becoming a "lost art" of sorts. Many of us are born with human parents nowadays, and they either don't know about what we are or don't wish to expose themselves to our world. And even the parents that know and aacept what their children are and may even be wolves themselves are debating whether or not to teach their children to shift. Most are afraid that their child will shift, go running into someon'es yard and get shot. A while back, when the world wasn't so covered in human industrialization and civilization, it was easier to go for runs multiple times a week. But in today's world, it's not so simple. It can be dangerous. I, however, believe that it is something that should be taught. That way, if a wolf needs their abilities in a crisis situation they will be at hand.

And like you said "wolfbane570", being shot at is definately a situation that will get your heart pumping. A part of you almost enjoys the feeling of the hunt and the chase, but another (likely larger) part of you is full of that horrible fear that causes you to run faster than you ever have before. It is interesting, but not something I would like to experience on a daily basis.
Drachona · 26-30, M
To PantherNelipot, the transformation is complex. If you are raised without knowledge of it, there is a significant barrier in front of you: that of doubt. Humanity teaches that such things are impossible, and that belief that make shifting hard to do. At first, it may be painful, but you can eventually get to the point where you will it to happen. A long time ago, it was done without thought. It was as simple as running. Anymore, however, it is dangerous. Exposure can lead to death. Even as a simple wolf, one would be threatened by hunters. As a werewolf, one encounters hatred and unimaginable fear from humans. Some are accepting, or at least tolerant, but not enough.

Anyway, back to your question. Yes, there are other shifters. History speaks of them often. In fact, if my concepts of mass-energy are anywhere near correct, one could probably take any form they wish with enough practice. Although, taking a different form is not all it takes to be something like a werewolf. Non-humans have their own histories. Just looking human is not the whole of humanity, and it is the same for other beings.
Drachona · 26-30, M
Do you mean me? I would not fight humanity. I'm not sure what in this story implied that I would. Even then, this is old. I have changed much since writing it. My anger towards what happened in the past has been well directed. In fact, my philosophy is almost exactly as you have described yours. If you read more current writings and posts, you will see. I do not wish any conflict between non-humans and humans. I never desired such a thing. Quite the opposite, I have a deep love for humanity. I feel a need to protect them, even from those of my own kind that wish to start conflicts. It would be a great tragedy and would get us nowhere. Humanity's perception of us would only grow worse. Also, what is this about raids and killing livestock? These are modern times. Anyone with desires for food need only find a refridgerator or a store. The simple fact is that we have been wronged. Yet, there is no reason to hate humanity. Rather, we must try to lessen their fear of us.
wow. does this strike anyone else as abad idea? serously. first of all it wouldnt be a "revalution" it would be a genocide. from both partys. one side would kill the other side would want revenge and it would go back and forth forever and ever until we were all dead.

second many of us have human famaly. my father is human and fully accepts what i am. and i couldn't stand to see him get killed simply because he wasn't born a shifter. and i wouln't want me or my pack killed because we were born shifters.

third yes there are bad humans and yes their bullets hurt but you have to remember that there are bad weres out there too who hunt humans. no one is pure evil. and we do raid there farms and kill there livestock.

so think a bout all this before you do anything stupid
drachona, I don't really believe in werewolves and such and I don't want to show any disrespect towards you for you seem quite polite.
But what you said had me thinking: If the parents are both human, how come can the youth be a werewolf? can shifting be ever explained by science?
So, You just shifted? You didnt do anything to will it to happen? I would just love to know. Also, If its because of your spirit being a Wolf, do you think it would be possible to not be a werewolf, But say a Were-creature, The word creature being replaced by your spirit animal?
the kid can be boen with a wolf sperit even is the parents are not wolves and some times it a dormint gen that is in the family of the father or mother and they may not know its there becues its dormint and had not shon its salf in them
Drachona when you said you got shot at while running that reminds me of when I did that, except, a guy in a truck all most saw me, he stopped at the end of the road and looked around, then left. It got my heart racing!
I remember seeing this name before in my head. When I saw the name Drachona it puts me in the past of midevil war. I don't know why, but that name seems familiar.
Drachona · 26-30, M
Well Inugami, tell me what you see if you feel comfortable. Perhaps I can help you understand this feeling of yours.
this is a serious place if ur not here to talk or learn then leave jouster
...mmm so you are saying you can shift? into a wolf? a big big wolfie?
for real?
Ok so if u are a werewolf tell us about your style of life
Drachona · 26-30, M
You are welcome. And all the best to you as well.
Thank you Drachona.
All the best.
Well said Drachone. Well said indeed.
I defiantly agree Drachona.

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