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Shifting tips and Age? [I Am A Real Werewolf]

Hi im new- and unborn, approaching 13 years. Is 13 the time to shift or is it 18, and what are some tips for when i can shift?
Drachona · 31-35, M
It either happens or it doesn't. It wouldn't make sense for there to be a set time or circumstance for it. It's like asking, "Will I be able to run when I'm 18?" You either can or you can't. Anyone telling you that some item or some spell will help you is most likely lying, either because they've deluded themselves or because they just want to mess with people.

The best advice I can give is to do some self-reflection. Don't let other people tell you who or what you are. Sit and think about it yourself. Ask yourself questions. Ask why you feel that you are a werewolf, what that means to you, whether or not you even one to be one, and why. Whatever your problems are, thinking about them will do far more for you than running away from them.
MoonyTheMaurauder · 16-17, T
Honestly, I have no idea. I am almost 13 but I don't know and I know quite a bit. That is an amazing question though.
Haylani · 26-30
When you're 18+, and generally just try not to panic when it happens.

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