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I See Gnomes Stealing My Underpants Late At Night

This is a true story 馃槣Last night, whilst in the most ravenous slumber, I was awakened with a start by a shuffling sound. Disoriented, I fumbled for my phone on the bed stand and turned on my flashlight app. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash of movement. Now I confess, I only caught a brief glimpse. I can only describe with much trepidation what I saw. It was an impish creature that was rather well dressed but only 2-3 feet tall. It was wearing a cone shaped hat. The hat was maroon. We're it to have been red, I would have naturally assumed it to be a garden variety gnome. (See how I used garden with gnome to create a clever word device)

In its hands, much to my dismay and jaw dropping disbelief, it carried my entire underwear drawer. I am not a guy that believes in mythical creatures, but is it possible that we are talking about a gnome-Lepricon hybrid? Maybe a Lepri-Gnome? What does everyone else think? I'm sure of what I saw. Thoughts?
Lol maybe you were not on this plane of existence lol might have been a little astral lol did it have an Irish accent?
Lol yup
Some little creature is out there wearing your knickers
Texaspilot51-55, M
I wonder if it's the same one that steals my bra!
Big boobs too lol
Mine are only about duck-sized... not geese-sized.
Hmm its a mystery then
Hmmm...I think it sounds like you had a little perv in your room. I bet he is a member of the dark side of EP. ;)
Don't laugh! You might have a terrible should really call an exterminator before the little devils strip you of all your drawers....and other drawers.
Ha...this looks like a job for...wait for it......wait for it......THE Turdmanator!!! Yes back out of retirement after months of bad movies, cheese puffs, and months on the couch......HE'S BACK!!
Hmmm....after months of cheese puffs, the "Turd"manator should be fueled up for an epic battle. lmao
Lepricons typically go commando.
Oops. Misspell. Leprechauns*
You are thinking of Irish savages.
Lepri-Gnome? Sounds like an app. The big question is: What did you wear the next day?
I believe we haven't seen all that there is to see in this world.
Next time hide the liquor in your bathroom.

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